May 19 2006
graduation tomorrow!!!!!!!


April 20 2006

im still getting over mono, the whole gross sick part (when I looked dead) is over, but now i dont have much energy, when i get home from school, i do absolutely nothing.. it really sucks though, i will want to do something, but i will fall asleep instead...


March 28 2006
so it turns out I probablly have mono on top of my ear infection, they took my blood today! um.. I also have indigestion and i am going to have a ct scan on thursday fo my head... Im falling apart!


March 23 2006
Im at home with an ear infection... :( but at least the doctor doesnt think i have mono....

stripper pole

March 04 2006

so... I went to swing yesterday, there were like 5 guys there and I was the only girl because shannon had disapeared... so britto was going to demonstrate the "real" stripper pole, not the dip... so he used me for the demonstration.. ( The guy throws the girl onto his sholders, then swings her around so she slides down) So I did it, and everthing went right, so then it ws Mark's turn (it was an accident, dont feel bad)... So he got me on his shoulders then slung me a bit to hard but caught me... so then we tried again, and... i never made it to his shoulder, i went flying backwards over his head, which would have been fun except the floor got in the way... anyways long story short, I spent a few hours in the hospital in a neck brace getting x rayed... though it was quite amusing telling everyone i was injured doing the stripper pole! but Im fine today so yay!


February 21 2006

So I had a fantastic weekend... I did what made me happy...

friday i went to eat at toots which was yummy and fun, practice was easy, went to the antivalentines day party.. which almost ended in fatality..lol.  Saturday shannon cassie megan and i went sleding..uber fun, we tied the sleds to the blazer. then we watched meet the faukers. Sun: church was pretty cool.. I really enjoyed it... then i had an individual tai chi lesson.. also pretty cool... then i got a new ipod!!!! yay!! then that afternoon I drove to chattanooga to see edward, we watched movies and hung out that night.. then monday we drove around chatanooga and hung out some more... then i drove home... and i actually had fun driving! very odd for me... anyways this is too long...


February 18 2006

We beat you at sledding...and we shall beat you at LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what now!?!?!? thats right- u at home while we're stillin partyin it up over here with stroganoff!

love you!!!


February 16 2006


February 14 2006
This is what I learned these weekend... bugs are bad... flocks of birds are good... um.. never go into the reltionships aisle in hastings... and there is a section on drugs there..cleverly disguised of course... guys and girls think REALLY differently.... I have fantabulous friends who I am very sorry I did not spend time with this weekend... I am an idiot... I dont think much..like at all really.. I hd a dream my phone broke in half, but I could still use each half... I onl have 2 weeks left of swimming... which means 2 weeks of blonde hair... um.... I think thats about it... and I want to apologized to anyone i have done anything bad to..

My Favoritest Person in the World!

February 07 2006

Usually its hard for you to make up your mind about who is your most favorite person in the whole wide world...luckily I have never had this problem...because Shannon's my favoritest! Of course, with talent, beauty, charm, grace, intelligence like hers, who could possibly say otherwise!! By the way, she's running for Dictator of the World in November of this year, so I hope everyone will come out to show their support for the best leader luxembourg has ever had and that we want her to rule the world! SHANNON FOR WORLD DICTATOR! WOOT WOOT!


February 06 2006

HA! I RECAPTURED CALLIE AWAY FROM THE OTHER EVIL PERSON WHO THOUGHT THEY CAUGHT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can never have her back...EVER! i am taking her to a remote island in the south arctic where she shall live with popcorn eating monkeys for the rest of her life! if you would like to visit her, please leave a message...BYE! :-D!


February 02 2006
I paper cutted my finger... :(

Bah Humbug

January 23 2006

I'm so tired of everything.. (except of course my fantabulous friends, how are you gonads today?) I'm tired of school, college applications, scholarships, being the only one who does their work, trying to make everyone else happy.... especially the last one. I try to make everyone happy, but some people aren't satisfied with what I can give, so I try to pay more attention to them, in the process neglecting myself and other people who love me. I wish people would be satisfied with who I am and what I can give them... I used to like who I was, now after trying to change for everyone else, I'm not so sure...

Ok that was my venting for today....Oh and I have amazing pictures to post, but my computer is sooo slow....


January 10 2006

I have kiddnapped Callie and I want one bazillion dollars for her safe return or else!!!

P.S. You should really make sure you sign off your name so that random people do not type on your site, especially you, beautiful.


December 10 2005
Argh!!! Im really hungry... feed me!


December 08 2005
I really hope it snows today, that would be amazing! Today already feels like friday, and college gets out today, so we definitly shouldn't have to go tomorrow. Um... next week is going to be crazy, Ihave so much stuff going on, Im not even sure what all I have to do. Oh well, as long as I'm busy I'm happy!


November 23 2005
Ok,  so I now have a phusebox... pretty much the only thing i accomplished today, elaine and i slept all day.. :)