Its Raining

August 16 2005
It just started raining outside. Its awesome. Its cooling everything down and stuff, so thats good. I am really ready for fall time. Here's a question.

Whats your favorite season?

Alright, later.

Jonathan - Master of the Vibe

Do it!!!!

August 12 2005
Everyone get up and go by the new All American Rejects cd. I frickin amazing. Go one. Do it.

New Pics

August 10 2005
Hey, I put new pics up from my antics last night. Some are of my new rabbit. I named him Artemis. Remark them, you shall.

Electric Swimming...

August 07 2005
So, friday night, after I helped my friend Jay install surround sound on his new house, I went to Sean's house with Zack. We decided to go swimming in their neighborhood pool even though it was beginnning to storm. So we're swimming and its like 10:30 at night so we can see the lightning really well. It was amazing. It was so long and really bright and almost got us a coupla times. Then the next day I forced by Haylie to watch Moulin Rouge which I didn't understand at all. It was way too hard to follow........if only they would talk more than sing.....but anyway. Ya'll be in prayer for this kid named Joshua. He's in my small group and he's ten years old. Last night he got in a fourwheeler accident and broke his femur. He's ok now, but pray for a quick recovery. Ok, here's a question:

Whats the worst accident you've ever been in?

Lemme hear some good answers. Later.

Jonathan - Master of the Vibe

These things are just popping up everywhere huh?

August 04 2005
Ok......I'm here because I;m bored and this crazy girl (Who is by the way, really freaking awesome and super cool and her name Jeanie..............and she sucks st spades), mentioned it and I got curious. I wonder how big this will get?