Stephanie Rich


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Oakland Highschool


August 28 2006

Press hard

Make sure what is done is finished.

Let the agony

Turn into sweet relief from the pain.

Such warmth, pulsating

Was the beginning and now will represent the end.

Orbs will stare back

Hazel and cold when you find where the deed was done

and a life begun ends.

adam rodrigues

August 28 2006
stiil a great poet I see ;) So how are you?


October 16 2006
stephie!!! i know, it's been way too long. i was at church sunday, but i guess all of you were out of town. we should work out a lunch or something sometime on campus. btw, i like the poem, it's good to know you're still pumping 'em out. i'm almost done with my book now, probably only a few months left if i can actually make time for it.