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March 05 2006

To those who were wondering: Although I had a bad relapse Thursday night {or Friday morning whichever} I have finally broken my fever and have been deemed "Flu-less" but I still have problems with the lungs so thoughts are always appreciated. Oh! No more drugs...they made me angry after the fourth night of using them so they are put somewhere.

For the main event: How often have we met someone in life, deemed them as "best friend" and some how fallen out of sync with them? I'm grateful for people like Ashley and SumSum-- people who never seem to go away [[Not that it's a bad thing]]-- but I have always wondered what happens to those who have gone their own way.

All of this was sparked by one person. It's ackward to me to think of her. How horrible to say such a thing about one you once considered to be "my better half". I haven't spoken with her in over two years and haven't seen her in an equal amount of time... and yet here I am thinking about Niky. We use to make up the most stupid words because she and I couldn't seem to stop giggling or talking long enough to speak a proper word; in essence we had our own language. To say the least we were inseperable for years on end. Niky and I went everywhere with eachother, enjoyed the same crushes, talked about everything....the girl practicely lived at my house! -- we knew eachother's houses like the backs of our own hands and it was no suprise when we got what we wanted when we wanted it... there never was any asking. We had the most stupid nick names for eachother and eventually ended up doing the most idiotic, but memorable things together! Who would have known that a few years later "Lucy and Ethel" would ever split up? I happened though....and over an arguement about an eating disorder.

Katty Blue Bonnet. Oh I love that girl but it's so hard to ever get a hold of her. To think that moving a few thousand miles away would halt the daily chatter and weekly visits...who would have thought it? We both simply have lives opposite of each other and it is ackward to update with one another for some reason or another. Yet we press through once in a while. We have name upon name for each other but our favorites involve the felonies we commited together. Stalkers, belly button rings, disobediance and so much more is tucked under the belt of our frienship--she was the one who helped buy a ring for the one mistake I made willingly. We made movies about frogs we caught and ran through the streets of China together...loved together... and cried together. When she visited we hid her smoking while she thought Tony was hot [[I'll get that picture one day]]. Now it's hard to chat once in a while. Our lived continue to go on without eachother...

Then there was Anna. She and I were the oddest of pairs. Being petite, blonde and blue eyed Anna was always concerned with how she looked and always dressed to the nines--I on the other hand was the tall brunette who simply liked to be who I am. Yet we both sang, loved poetry, were poetic and hopeless romantics. God was a number one priority for both of us and [[yet again]] we were inseperable. Nick names never came into play because we were at that age in which we thought sophistication was the best thing-- yet we were constantly doing eachother's hair, trying new make-up and fashion ideas and taking about crushes. We were the girls who would drive around town at 4 in the morning just to do it and we slept in the camper so we could make all the noise we wanted. Now we don't even talk... we did for a while after I moved but then she stopped picking up the tempted to call her.

There was another one here in the prime of the south: Tennessee...but I would never go into that. It simply would be a waste of space since neither of us would agree on what happened.

Once more thank you to those who have stuck through are AMAZING! Now that it is three in the morning maybe I'll go be restless somewhere else....and I'll come back and read this and delete it...yeah

It's amazing how much we grow throughout the years. No one ever thought that the one person {{or in some cases the many people}} you loved like a brother or sister and seemed to be connected at the hip with would grow distant. A wise and crazy kitchen dancer once told me my problem is is that I have to strong a nurturing personality. I like to befriend those who need help with some thing at the time and when their better or have wiped their feet all over me I let them go and fine some one new. Eh...