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I'm so excited!

February 13 2006

And I just can't hide it!

Tomorrow is Valentine's day (Guys...if you read this before tomorrow nigh then I am saving you a world of heart ache) and it is the first I get to spend with the one person I can truely say I will spend the rest of my life with. I have everything set up for the next two days...little clues, big suprises and really good dinners...and I must say it has been a blast figuring out everything to do. Herschel Lynn will be suprised by the distance I went to get all of this done for him and I know he will appreciate it. That's just his nature.

On a completely different note (maybe a f sharp) I'm still sad about a good friend. I have now not seen him since Super Bowl Sunday and it makes me upset to a point. I don't know what to do with him but Glory says it's written all over his face what he is going through. Am I that blind? On the other hand my mom says he should be grateful that he has such a good gal friend who will stop everything, work her butt off searching for the best of the best and make sure a special night of his will be fun and unforgettable. I have an eerie feeling everything will be finalized when he backs out. That would be sad!

Once more another thought. Since NO ONE decided to tell me what they wanted for valentines then they get nothing... I repeat NOTHING! I am not to be one responsible for those who cannot help me. I guess..

Well I love you all! Can't wait until tomorrow!