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January 27 2006

I love that saying.

Today was actually quite good. I woke up with a head ache and went to my dreaded morning class where I felt like a complete idiot because my teacher said I'm to quiet when I say "here" for role and that I would have to come up to the front to talk to him afterwards. I'm half sleeping still. Leave me alone.

Went shopping with money I don't have. It was fun. I have this huge elaborate plan for Valentine's with Herschel (thanks to Ashley and my collaberative thinking) and it's going to take the next two weeks and 5 days to finish. Fun thing is he'll get two days worth of clues--which amuses me immensley.

Oh! If anyone knows where I can get an inexpensive pair of red heels I would be much appreciative.

I'm going to bed...I have music in the morning and already I don't want to get up.