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January 16 2006

Tomorrow seems to be a pending transaction with the devil.

I know I shouldn't be so negative about going back to spring semester classes when I have had a nice month long break but at the moment I can't seem to conjure any thought that could possibly be positive about going back to the monotonous routin of college classes. No...I lied. I am out almost everyday before 12 pm. The only exception to this lovely thing is one of my lectures that is in the middle of the day. Couldn't have a perfect schedual now could I?

Looking for a part time job at the moment...pretty sure I'll end up looking into cleaning houses. I already do that for two people and make $220 a month so why not join something that offers a starting wage of $10? Then again I like having a little bit of a social life and I hate cleaning up after ungrateful people. Herschel said that I would be on the job and someone would ask me to do something for them and the first words out of my mouth, after a nice long eye roll, would be "You made the mess you clean it up. I have other things to do." Sadly daddy laughed and agreed. So I have a very outspoken opinion...I can't help that I know what I think!

So maybe I won't be going into the cleaning thing...two houses is good enough. I have some options open and there is no hurry because daddy and Herschel both with take care of me, they both like that I think I'm going to be an independent little girl but at the same time they are always there to help.

Got a new car...finally out of the mommy-mobile after four years of driving it. I'm grateful as all get out for the vibe and can't wait to show my daddy how much. I already suprised him by buying my tags and license plate while also calling into the insurance company to see how much it would be to move the van to a liability only and the vibe to full coverage. Even with all of that said and done daddy says I'll be back in a mini van in a few years when I get married. I laughed at him.

Herschel came to church with me this Sunday and I'm proud to say that we have both talked to his parents and they have agreed that he could come to Christian Life instead of his home church and they are even considering seeing what grabbed Herschel's heart in one visit. He loved Paster Ron's sermon, he felt Ron was real and down to earth. I love that he can love the chruch that I call home.

Anyway enough babble. Off to bed with me so I can get up in time for school! See you all around.