Encounter at 7:07pm tuesday

January 16 2006
Tonight is Encounter it is at 7:07pm i invite all who is 18-30 come and bring friends to God bless i hope to see yall there 

Encounter is back at 7:07pm tuesday

January 09 2006
Hey Encounter is back  tuesday at 7:07  for all college and career age 18-30 come and bring your friends!

We are meeting at I-HOP AT 7:07PM!

January 02 2006
We at Encounter hope you had a great christmas wish you the best in the start of 2006! We will be meeting at I-hop at 7:07 pm for all college and career age hope to see you there and bring some friends!

Encounter at 7:07pm tuesday

December 13 2005
Hey what is going on tonight is encounter at 7:07 pm for all college and career age 18-30 if you want to know more go to the link on the bottom left!  i hope to see yall there and bring friends!


Encounter is back at 7:07pm tuesday

November 28 2005
well we hope yall had a great thanksgiving  but we are start back up this tuesday so come all college and career 18-30!

No Service

November 21 2005
Sorry this week their is no encounter but we will start back next week at 7:07pm c yall there God Bless!

Encounter at 7:07pm tuesday

November 15 2005
Tonight is Encounter at 7:07pm for  all college age 18-30 come check it out  it is at 1503  Sulphur  springs road      see  yall...there


November 11 2005
Friday night at 7:07 Encounter will be having a bonfire and FREE  HAMBURGERS come and check it out!For all COLLEGE age 18-30 SEE YALL THERE !!!!!!!!!