August 23 2005
I'm between class and work for lunch mwf from 11:15-12, I'll probably eat lunch in the grill, who's with me?


August 21 2005
Freshmen, come get your books, tomorrow. Bring at least $300, unless you're taking A & P, then bring at least $500.


August 20 2005
So my old bass has just been sitting around since i got my new one. I have played it once and hated the way it sounded. But an idea finally poped into my head today. I could fix it up. I can replace the pickups. I need the frets to be replaced also, but better yet would be if I could get someone to remove the frets and make it fretless.


August 18 2005
siegel game friday night.


August 14 2005
Jesus stands at the door and knocks, you have to open it, go through it, and close it behind you.


August 13 2005
My dad is 50 today.


August 08 2005
For those of you who care, I have a facebook.

Movie Night.

August 06 2005
Movie night, my house. 7 PM. Suggestions welcome. Bring a movie if you'd like.

Please comment to confirm.


August 04 2005
There is a swing band concert on the square tomorrow.

I finished Wild at Heart the other night.

student discount

August 03 2005
If you are a student at MTSU, go to Phillip's and get your student discount card, you must present your student ID.

Spiritual Warfare

July 31 2005
Why so often do we see non-Christians who seem to get it, and Christians who don't. I think we far too often rule out spiritual warfare, or ignore it. Those Christians who don't get it weren't thinking about combating demons. But it is a very real thing that we must not ignore.


July 28 2005
So a lot of talk about predestination has come up in my circles lately. I had yet to truly form an opinion, but I realized mine this morning. God is perfect, and God is holy. Sin is something that he cannot do and cannot cause. However, to ignore God and to not be a Christian is a sin. Predestination says that God predestins certain people to become Christians. This would imply that he predestined the rest to not be Christians therefore making them sin, which he does not, and cannot do. That's my opinion on the matter.

In other news, Amy's group leader in New York, is Justin Lett. He is at a church in Cincinatti (sp) and is married with a 4-month-old.


July 23 2005
I'm addicted to solitaire on my computer.

Everyone must go to Starbucks at 7.


July 21 2005
So that video last night really got me to thinking about storms. They are used as an example of all the bad time and all the trials. "Just endure the strom." Even God uses it as symbolism. It's awesome symbolism, if it weren't for the storm and the rain, there would be no life. The rain, or storm, gives life to all that is beautiful. Yes, some storms destroy, but we learn from them, we fix and reinforce what was damaged. The storm cycle is also a natural cycle of our planet, and a necessary one. We cannot prevent the stroms, but we can protect ourselves from them, but not always. Sometimes it is only the grace of God that protects us, and sometimes for a greater reason than we can understand we must face the storm. And when the storm is through, the sun does come out and shine through. Contrast brings beauty.

I also read a great quote in Wild at Heart last night: "The world of posers is shaken by a real man. They'll do whatever it takes to get you back in line-threaten you, bribe you, seduce you, undermine you. They crucified Jesus. But it didn't work did it?"


July 20 2005
Farewell to James Doohan.


July 19 2005
I'm 3.32 gigs into my iPod by now, covering many decades, many genres, and many many artists. I also got the iTrip at Target for $25.

AP scores

July 16 2005
Well, I got a 4 on AP Gov't and a 1 on AP chem.


July 16 2005


July 12 2005
I got my iPod today.


July 11 2005
Today was a big Monday.