Wish I Could Have Been There

June 16 2005
So, from what I gather from the numerous phusebox posts - BigStuf was great - wish i could have been there with all of you! I am ecstatic to hear how God spoke to each one of you - let those words be more than just a "camp experience" - let the things that God taught you and showed you truly become part of your life - and the blessings He gives will continue to multiply.

On a different topic, I got a little carried away with uploading pictures. As I was looking through my pictures, trying to decide which ones to post, there were so many that evoked such wonderful memories that I just decided to post them all. Hopefully, some of them will hold fond memories for some of you as well.

I love you!

Rachael Moore

June 16 2005
i wish you could of been there too! it would of been loads of fun!!!


June 16 2005
I go crazy with the photo uploading too so I understand! I wish you had been there!

the brian king kenobi

June 20 2005
your europe pictures make me jealous. one day . . .

Ashley Orman

June 23 2005
thank you mommy i love you!