"I miss my friend."

June 07 2005
It seemed like such a simple statement - I was merely expressing my thoughts concerning some of my recent posts and, in the middle of my ramblings, those words came out. But, somehow, the simple utterance of these words - "I miss my friend" - unlocked the flood of tears that I have managed to keep at bay for weeks, maybe even months. I had no idea that four little words could completely expose the core of the issue and prick my heart so intensely.


June 08 2005
i love you!

Anna Miller

June 08 2005
oh man. that reminds me of something i said that unleashed about ten minutes of sobs. . . something i kept in for about eight months.


June 08 2005
i love you!!!


June 08 2005
kinda like the song. just remember. you have lots of people that love you. *big hug*