Thoughts from 5AM

July 23 2005
"Neither the applause nor the scorn of others should be of any consequence to you. My approval is reward enough, and without this, any other satisfaction is not worthy of your pursuit."
-Frances Roberts

I was looking over some quotes that I had written in my journal, and this one jumped out at me. I have had several conversations over the last few days with various people (mostly women) about our seemingly inherent desire to make everyone around us happy. If you've never found yourself attempting to be a "people pleaser," let me assure you that this behavior can exhaust you and leave you empty. And that's what I love about a relationship with God, it gives us the incredible freedom that comes with not having to worry about what others think. If I am genuinely concerned with pleasing my Father, I am relieved from the pressure of pleasing everyone else. Don't misunderstand me, I am not saying that I have liberty to hurt others' feelings - living a life that pleases Christ is mutually exclusive from a life that hurts the ones He loves. "Of all the indentifying marks of a Christian, Jesus said love would be the thing that gives us away (John 13:35)...Agape is to be our signature - the unconditional, never-ending love of God flowing through and out of our lives." (Joanna Weaver)
Trying to love everyone around you can be overwhelming and some people are harder to love than others, but if we focus on loving God with all our heart, His love will naturally flow from our lives to those around us.

In case I haven't told you lately (or ever) - I love you - all of you!

"We've been filled with great treasure for one purpose: to be spilled." - Joanna Weaver


July 23 2005
:o) that makes me smile! i love you too! and amen about trying to be a people pleaser! it's tiring and only Christ can please everyone!

Ashley Orman

July 26 2005
thank u sooo much mommy! tha makes me feel soo much better. the doctor says to jus wait a few days because the swelling is all still goin down. so heres praying. i luv u mommy!