I love it when God speaks!

July 17 2005
Wow, what an incredible weekend! - thanks to all you wonderful people who helped make my trip to Six Flags (and even Wal-Mart) unforgettable - you guys are awesome!

I was reminded today of how much I love the word of God - when He speaks to me through His word, I never cease to be overwhelmed. Just thinking about the fact that the Creator of the universe desires an intimate relationship with me takes my breath away and leaves me speechless in His presence!

This evening, Brother Dean's message out of Jeremiah led to a verse in chapter 29. While I was there, I saw the much-quoted 11th verse that was underlined in my bible. That is such an awesome promise from our Father who loves us, but also underlined - and often overlooked- was the 13th verse - "You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart." Wow, what a reminder - my passion and desire to know God have been increasing so much over the past few months, but God reminded me once again that I will not truly find Him until I search for Him with ALL of my heart. Now, for those of you who know me well, I have come a loooong way in this department - but I still have a heart with a tendency for distraction - my daily prayer is that my heart will be undivided in its devotion for my Master.

I am also reminded of a sermon that Louie gave a few years ago at OneDay. I cannot remember his exact statement, but after talking about the glorious nature of God and His unfathomable love for us - Louie asked a simple question - when I consider all that He has done for me, what else can I do but worship Him?
Brother Dean also quoted something this morning that has stuck with me - "The sole purpose of a man's life is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever." I pray that I will fulfill this purpose with every day, every single breath.


July 18 2005
Awesome, good, true stuff.


July 18 2005
i love that quote from Brother Dean! i soooo should have gotten up yesterday... :o( oh well i can't change the past...but if i could i definitely would've gone and ate w/ u & Cindy! if we do take a trip to Cedar Point...we're sooo picking her up on the way! haha!


July 18 2005
Wal-Mart was fun... huh? Totally glad you were able to hang out with us this weekend!