Answered Prayers

June 05 2005
I love it when God answers prayers! - and He often does it in such creative ways. For instance, as most of you are aware, I have been praying about a particular situation for quite some time. The following lines from the last few pages of "Captivating" seemed to be directed right at me:
"You have an irreplaceable role in your relationships. No one can be to the people in your life who you can be to them. No one can offer what you can offer. There are many things God calls us to do, but loving well always comes first. And don't your relationships feel opposed? Of course. They must be fought for. . . You have been sent by the Trinity on behalf of love, of relationships. Fight for them."

Rachael Moore

June 05 2005
yay!!! jennifer! i love you! and i will be praying for you! glad that God answered your prayers! yay for God!!! i will see you tuesday night (bring tissues) jk jk...kinda


June 06 2005
I'm reading that book too! It's so awesome and I love it!