August 21 2005
hey yall...well school was ok this week! i have pretty good classes i guess! math is first whoo hoo! then us history and then english w/ mere! then child ed. and then earth sci. and then spanish i hate spainsh...i dont like my teacher is is kinda rude! but oh well! i have 3rd lunch which isnt that bad bc i have it w/ mere! thats good! and then dance is great we might go to nationals!!!!! i hope we do! but summer reading starts tommrrow oh joy! but i g2g study for that bc Eddie Sally is getting baptised tonight and im going!!!!!!!!!! so leave some remarks!

Much Love

~* Big O *~

megan hodge

August 23 2005
heheheeee!!! i luuvv you!!!!


August 24 2005
hey, i really cant say much to that. i dont agree with what u said on my comment at all, but o well, i guess thats ur opinion. but o well. ill just keep my mouth shut with things, even if they eat me up inside, like one thing imperticular. but i wont say, because i doubt u would be to happy with it. and r u serious that u think i was flirting with chelsea after school. i was trying to show u something, but if u didnt get it thats ok, but o well, i guess we cant agree on everything. so ill cya tonight at church.