June 09 2006

Well, we now have the official word.  The Make A Wish Foundation has granted my son his wish of a Cruise.  He ended up getting the Disney Cruise that they said they could not do to begin with so it all worked out.  The limo arrives Sunday morning at 6:30AM to take us to the airport then we fly to Orlando FL and from there a short ride to Port Canaveral to board the Disney Wonder Cruise ship.  It is a four night cruise with the first stop in Nassau.  Then it is on to Castaway Cay which is Disney's own private island.  We fly back late Thursday afternoon.    I plan on taking lots of pictures so will get some on here when we get back.   I hope everyone is having a great summer!

Take Care and Keep Smiling


been a long time....

March 22 2006
Hello out there........ It has been a while... It has been hectic over the past several months so I have let xanga slip by the wayside but things are beginning to return to some semblance of normal... My son is pretty much healed from his surgeries last year.... finally.... He should be going back to school after spring break. We also had a visit from the Make A Wish Foundation and my son has been initially approved for a whish. He wanted to go on a cruise to Hawaii but we had to explain that they don't have cruises to Hawaii so his first choice was a Cruise (Disney if they can get it or one of the regular Caribbean ones) and his second choice was to fly to Hawaii. Pretty good choices I think. They said they can't promise anything but said that there shouldn't be any problem with his wish. They wanted to know if we could go on spring break but not everyone has spring break at the same time so could not do it . It looks like it will be at the end of May/begining of June. Sounds like fun but I will have to be drugged the whole time because I get motion sickness very easily... My daughter has been getting in trouble at school.... for talking to much. She definitely did not get that from me as I am the quiet type... She came home one day and her agenda had "talking to much" in it and the next day it said "still talking"... lol I think the teacher has moved all the students at her table away from her. My daughter said that it good because now she can get her work done because she does not have anything to distract her... She's to smart for her own good... lol. My little brother Casey is also going to the 3BC Basketball camp next month which should be good for him. Hopefully it will work off some of that energy he has inside... As far as myself... bad news at work.. I am apparently overpaid for the job I do so will not be getting any raise this year... Welcome to the Real World... And in case you did not know, I do computer technical support so if anyone needs help with their computer just let me know.

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Edit.... just found out that our Cruise destination is Cancun!

Sometimes I wonder....

November 15 2005

yes I do....

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November 07 2005

Such a depressing day....     but  you still have to....

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October 31 2005

I hope everyone has a safe and happy HALLOWEEN!

Take Care and Keep Scaring!



October 22 2005

We went to a corn maze with our New Orleans neighbors and no I didnt get lost.   The little ones got to ride a miniature horse.   It was good fun.   I bet it would be really fun to go at night so you could scare other people...   hehe..   Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Here is a pic of my little brother and his friend on top of the hay bales there.  I think it turned out pretty good.

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October 08 2005
took the family out to eat at Toots and then to see Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit... I love Wallace and Gromit... The went and bought the wife a new tv too. Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far and if you arent... then let me know and I will see if I can change the world for you....
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October 05 2005
took the wife shopping for her birthday. She wanted to go to Kohls. She got 4 outfits. Oh and Jamie has the Great Pumpkin on her deck in case Charlie Brown asks.. lol
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September 28 2005
I have not been this happy in a very long time.
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Aint she a cutie?

September 25 2005

This is my daughter Kyra... she has dirty blond hair, blue eyes and is very tall for her age.... We're gonna be in trouble in a few years...

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Little Brother...

September 24 2005

This is my little brother Casey. It's a long and complicated story best saved for another day but lets just say that by birth/blood he is my Great-Nephew but by Law he is my brother. We got custody of him earlier in the year.

Sponge Bob is sooooo gangsta

I didnt do it.... I'm innocent....

I guess thats enough for one day. Will update and put up more pics tomorrow...
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after the fall

September 23 2005

My son is recovering well and should get to go back to school around the middle of Oct. I know he is really looking forward to that... NOT.
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Jared May of last year

back home

September 10 2005

My son got to come home today since his recovery went extremely well. Now the hard part will be teaching him to be able to take care of this by himself...
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September 05 2005


If you could only see....

August 17 2005
i love that song.... well, hope everyone is doing great... and i hope you get to feeling better jamie : (
how can life be so complicated?
take care and keep smiling

If you could only see


July 16 2005
i just dont know what to say anymore......

People on PHUSEBOX are much nicer than people on xanga...

June 29 2005
isnt that weird... but i guess not considering who created phusebox and why... so i guess i need to update more often.. not much going on in my life except we are moving rooms around again... which is sooooo much fun... we need a larger and i'm really down right now cause i got a friend grounded... which really sucks because i was only trying to help..... but anyway... have a great day!
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June 13 2005
me like phusebox....