the possessed metronome.

January 05 2007
So, I'm out in my garage practicing, like a good little musician
does, while complaining about 6/8 time and my lack of understanding how
to play in triple meter, cuz I suck. I had not turned on my metronome
yet for I was just walking back out there from taking a bathroom break.
Randomly, my metronome turns on, and I freak for just a little bit,
turn it off, and say "Dennis Brain must be upset at me." Shortly after
saying this, it comes on again. I freak out some more and scream just a
little bit, cuz that's some crazy mess. I decide that Mr Brain doesn't
want me to suck anymore for today so I go back into my house, still
screaming, and the door was locked...not how I left it, so I freak
again. After freaking for about 10 minutes, here I am...freaked out
some more.

The end.


January 29 2007

kriasn gomez

September 13 2007
that's really freak! My friend in <a href=""> Ibiza beach </a> is laughing while she share this stuff to me because she's had a bad experience like this! a freaky thing!