March 18 2006
in a lonely way , very content with life. 

peace ,


November 25 2005

everyone ate a lot of food.  


everyone will eat a lot of food.


everyone will eat a whole lot of food.

when you live in america , its like everyday is thanksgiving.  Except for most americans aren't thankful, nor giving.  But hey, at least we all like to eat. 

btw gas is on the cheap cheap right now.   

im not going to ramble..

love you guys,

cut it out

November 06 2005

hey everyone,

have you all seen how cheap gas is getting?                       

how cool is that!!                                

im about to go to work?                              

i love jesus.                    
jesus loves you                                         
so do i                                               
but not as much as him.                                     

and he isn't barney damnit                                



October 27 2005
im in school.......dang


October 17 2005
    oh snap,

    Anyone who quit phusebox before it got all badass, is probably kicking themselves in the oves right now.  btw....i love you guys and jibba jabba, talkin' bout bad for the kitz.  HOlla!

read this fucks :-)

September 13 2005
head pressure census clutch date divinity wouldn't fuck touched easy god change rush floor life .....

from my head full of pressure its the census that i clutch ..
i made a date with divinity but she wouoldn't let me fuck
i got touched by an easy shade of god help me change,
quarter rush on the floor for the life in my veins,

date with divinity

i haven't died

September 04 2005
im very much alive. hello to all my friends, salutations to my enemies....and a bullet a andy milinonkis...i hate that damn show

some of jeremy's philosophy

August 27 2005
well , i was thinking, as i usually do..and,

our existence could easily be considered a walk to a destination,

our soul is the body, our shadow is life and it is waiting,

for the shadow to dissapear,

for some it may appear,

that its amazing to see how fast our soul wants life to go by,

when heaven is the destination

because only angels can fly

copyright jeremy hirt....bitches

im becoming bored with blogrings

August 25 2005
whom is with me?

work for 8 hours today.. jumps with cheer.literally

August 21 2005
i was just kidding with the literally part, but the hours are correct..11:30-8...i have a 30 minute break..leans forward...im not retarded...leans back and smiling at YOU.....but yeah i saw a lot of cool people..hopefully i saw you.


August 17 2005
School lol, hahha....last year of this booty chatter. Im still gonna enjoy the fuck out of it though. Once we're out we're gonna want back in.


August 14 2005
Yeah, so i was closing last night at work. I looked at this weeks schedule, and to my disbelieving dissapointment, I work every day again. Thursday, I call in at 4 so I probably won't have to work. My manager is breaking my bawwwwwls. Its cool though, because some jackass stole 160 dollars from me the other day while i was asleep. So i kind of need the money.

i fell down and hurt my hand

August 13 2005
look at title and know pain

school school school

August 11 2005

i work 6-9

August 09 2005
whatcha upta no good?,
Hi, I have a feeling of feelings that today is going to be a good day. insert smile here..poking my face ....

if anyone wants to do anything..my number as always is 479-8569...ill be free tell hell,,err work ...look at the title for my schedule ha.

your buddy,
jeremy hirt

Smile for you.

August 08 2005
How are you guys doing?..I hope in your mind you said good. If not, wanna talk about it? I've been in a funk lately, like a haze of unhappiness. I think its starting to go away now, i know come school starting back up...im going to be in agreat mood. The reason i wasn't in a good mood, is because i have been having terrible luck with girls all summer long...right when i thought my luck was about to change, i got shut down. Gahhh. :-) if it didn't work out, then God probably has a better plan i suppose.

I don't ask for a lot from a girl. Some of the things i want are simple.

I want a girl who isn't going to get mad at me if i hold her hand while im driving.

A girl who is not going to get creeped out if I want to cuddle.

A girl that Isn't going to get mad if i just want to call her to tell her that I appreciate the time she spends with me, and how beautiful I think she is.

It would be nice to have someone to invite over for lunch , and we could watch tv and eat some mac and cheese :-)

To stop myself from rambling on ....basically my standards aren't standards, they aren't requirements, they aren't wishes, they aren't dreams, just hopes. I don't know if this list is too elaborate for people to handle, and thats why i haven't had good luck. But my biggest thing is i need a girl who loves and is capable of being loved.

sorry for boring you to tears,
your buddy forever and EVER,
jeremy hirt


August 07 2005
today is one of my best friends, christopher nored's birthday..and a really good friend of mines dad..Mr.Howser

yo! buddy!!

mI nAm

Growing up sucks

August 06 2005
im grounded, don't know how long..or from what. Got grounded for going to work..haha. i love life. I've got Jesus to love me, so I guess i don't need a mom to. Well my friends moms do :-). Thats always cool to go over to my friends houses and see how Moms are supposed to act. At the same time, i'm not exactly the perfect son. However, i don't really think i deserve................................

my hirt


August 02 2005

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things are ok

July 30 2005
She said yes,

We can are going to dinner sometime, i just have to pick a date and time..a.k.a wait tell tomorrow to see when or if im off next week. I asked her if she was seeing or talking to anyone..she said not at all. I haven't been that happy since last time i was at school. Well, i have to bathe and whatnot before work. I bless you all with a superbly spectacular evening, and may the joys of life be many on such a great day as today.

i work 6-9,
mie naem