April 25 2006
so i play everyother weekend at this resturant/bar which is fun and good becuas eits a regualr gig, and its good money. anyways...there have this big cinco de mayo festival/party thing that they want  me to play at...its gonna be on a stage outside, and my show is going to be live on the radio. thats crazy.  i am incredibly excited yet also nervous. i dont have that much time to practice from now till then, but i have to play like with no mistakes. anyways wish me not sure what radio staion yet, they said its between 91.9 and 102.3 but ill post that when i find out.

lucky freaking break (its long but read it)

March 08 2006
so ive recently been looking for new venues to play at around louisville, and trying to book more shows and blah blah blah. anyways.....i happen to walk into this resturant - tijuana flats- which is like a moes  or a qdoba if you have any of the you know what im talking about. so i ask the manager if they ever had an live music come through there. and apparently they were in the midst of trying to get a live music program started. so.... he offered me an open date for show (which is saturday the 18th at 7-10 o clock). he also called me back today and said he spoke with the district manager (manager of all three tijuana flats in louisville) and hes going to come watch me and the girl i play with and if we do good they want to put us on a regular schedual at all the tijuana flats. thats freaking awesome, especially considering that on our first show, which is basically an audition show were each taking home 100 bucks. even though its still a week and a half away wish me luck...cause i gotta play my ass off to get that regular scheduel....


March 01 2006
so ive got a show in a couple of weeks and i need a couple good cover songs to play. some acoustic/ ind/ rock stuff. any ideas?

hey hey hey

February 16 2006
guess whos birthday it is...


January 30 2006

isnt it crazy how much you can get done in the day if you take it one step at a time.


January 29 2006
put a bnuch of new pictures on here. check em out i guess. i duno.....


January 20 2006
man. some people just dont know shit about timing. timing is everything. time is everything. Tonight was the first night in a few weeks where my girlfriend and i could actually go out. From the minuet she got over here she acting weird, and then shes trying to do stupid shit just to "prove a point." thats just gay. time is everything. its the first time in a long time that ive gotten to spend time with my significant other and she pisses me off just to "prove a point?" whats up with that? Theres a time and a place to do everything, so make sure you do what you gotta do at the right time.


January 02 2006
so does anyone else really not want school to start back?


December 15 2005
hey uh check this drawing im doing. its not done yet but...i dunno just tell me what you think. its my pictures.

Bummed out

December 06 2005 if you read my last blog "Crazy weekend" youd know that my eye got cut and screwed up. well i went to the eye doc last night and like the cuts healed but my eye is "internally bleeding" which apparently isnt as bad as it sounds but anyways. i got some drops...but no eye patch? what the heck day i was looking forward to getting an eye patch....i mean when you screw up your eye your supposed to get an eye patch...thats how it works. Man...workin on that pirate accent all day for nothing......Put some Crazies in that bag

Are you a guitar player?

December 05 2005
anyone out that plays guitar, need to get the new taylor T5. cause i got one. and its freaking sick man. ive been playing for like 6 years now....and its the crazy coolest thing ive ever played.

Crazy Weekend

December 04 2005

Wow...something crazy happened everynight this weekend. So friday night after i got off work (lets say about 11 p.m.) i met up with the guys in my band and we just went driving , and i saw this random trail so we decided to see where it went. there were all these trees everywhere and this one tree had all these vines hanging down from it, and i told m friend jacob to go swing on one. when he did all these bats came out of the tree and went everywhere it was the craziest shit ever. then saturday were at taco bell, (wheres i ate 5 soft tacos, a double decker and nachos suprmere...big hungry man) and on the home my friend shane hydroplaned into the people in front of him which resulted in unfixable damage of his car, jacob (in front seat) wasnt wearing a seatbelt and his head hit the windsheild, and my eye (literally eye ball) got cut and it was bloody and nasty, and it hurts like a bitch. then this morning, my friend who just totaled his car not more than 24 hours ago finds out that his debit card got stolen and his bank account is empty. yea...that sucks...crazy weekend man....crazy weekend.


November 27 2005
well ive just arrived home from thanksgiving at my dads. 8 hours car drives from louisville to montgomery alabama are never say the least. but yea thanksgiving....not so fun either. stuck with a step mom i cant stand, and my crazy grandma who has absolutley no social skills. so pretty much sucked....another great family holiday. come christmas time, im just gonna stay with brittany and her family. i mean weve been dating a good two years, i think spending the holiday season together would be just fine instead of my family for once.


November 12 2005

8 hour work night tonight.

man, thats gonna blow the big one


November 11 2005

Nickel Creek/ Martin Sexton concert last night.....amazing....thats all i can say. Nickel creek played for 2 and a half hours, and it was amazing, they were awesome, and they did a double encore, and on the second encore, they took requests....which is crazy. they also covered plastic trees by radio head, toxic by britney spears...that was crazy but cool, and...up on cripple creek by the band. it was by far an amazing show. the best part was that they let me go up right to the stage and take pics. ill gave them up soon. i got pics of chris thile standing right above me!

Nickel Creek Concert

November 10 2005
Im leaving to go to the  nickel creek concert. we got awesome seats, hope its a good show! if you dont know who they are you are mising out man

This sucks soooo bad....

November 09 2005
Okay i dont think your ready for this cause it sucks real real bad. Okay so...background of story.... Earlier this year, about three months ago, my car was broken into. Some cds were stolen, but most importantly, my most prized poseccion, my guitar got jacked. This guitar was pretty awesome...a top-of-the line ibanez AW acoustic electric series with the newest fishman pre-amp and pickups. it was my baby but, i guess it couldnt last forever. but i was out on the prowl for a new guitar, and i found a used taylor (the best guitar brand that money can buy. this guitar is like what sex would sound like if it were an istrument) mohagony cutaway grand auditoriourm 25th anniversary 400 seriers. serioulsy the tightest guiat ever. it was pretty beat so i got it for only 900.00 brand new it was only 2400.00 its pretty much freaking amazing. ANYWAYS so it was having some problems  with the electronics, so i took it in today to the shop to have them fix it. they then told me that a month after i bought this guitar, they found out it was stolen from a church, yet they had no contact number for me, so the only way they could get it back is if i randomly came in. today i happenmed to randomly come in, and they took it. the best guitar i could EVER find for that price, and they took it. this is not a god day. i dont have a good acoustic anymore.

Guess who made All State Choir...

November 08 2005

So work was freaking crazy busy tonight. And to clarify that, crazy busy, is much more busy than just regular busy. Anyways, looks like i'll be pulling an all nighter-the name of the game is now make up-work, from all the school that I missed last week. If anyone is familiar with the play, The Crucible, and would like to give me a brief summary of it, i would probably drive to wherever you are and give you a hug.Oh well, school is school, and you cant let it get you down. on a happier not, i made All State Choir again this year. I am looking forward to it, and i hope its as fun as last year. anyways, ive got to get to work.

Random Thought- Incubus, thats a great band.


November 07 2005

No school tomorrow because of a local election day. That is awesome. yet, of course the one day school is out for a while... i have to work. That is just no good for me, so if anyone wants a job at Panera Bread Company, just let me know. Other than that....I got nothing...

Random Thought- There should be more music on this thing.


November 04 2005
So, pretty much everyone here in Louisville is sick. Or at least I am. Snezzy Coughy Soar throat, all that shiz is not in my fun book. But, what can you do, "Shit happens" ive heard, i say it. Thats all ive got for now.