Being Honest With Myself

January 26 2007
I am tired physically
I am excited spiritually
I am loved sacrificially
I am seeking earnestly
I am waiting patiently
I am liberated absolutely

I am free

I am saved eternally
I am joyful currently
I am restless perpetually
I am hypocritical discouragingly
I am annoyed selfishly
I am fickle disobediently
I am determined obediently

I am free

I am praying intermittently
I am prideful broken-heartedly
I am following diligently
I am doubting briefly
I am Christ-like insufficiently
I am defeated previously

I am free


January 14 2007
If you could keep me in your prayers, that would be great!

Im at somewhat of a crossroads in my life right now. 1 year from now can look a variety of different ways for me. I'm not sure wher God is taking me, but no matter how next year looks, I am really excited about it!

Thanks for your prayers!

Chri $ tmas

November 14 2006

I work at Toys R Us (not for long), and we are getting ready for the Christmas season. In fact, Toys R Us refers to the day after Thanksgiving as "Green Friday." This says alot about how our society views Christmas: Nothing more than a business opportunity. They are already playing "Christmas Music" in the store with also says alot about how our society views Christmas. The songs portray what "Christmas is all about": toys, love, Santa, fuzzy feelings, snow, fun, etc. They have missed the mark...

As we approach this wonderful holiday, let's not forget what it is REALLY about: A celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course we all like giving and receiving gifts, but let it be in a spirit of worship and rememberance. After all, Jesus himself is the greatest gift we will ever receive that we may have eternal life with our gracious Father in Heaven...

I'm new...

November 08 2006
I am pleased to see that Phusebox is much (how should I say?) cleaner than other sites of this nature. I really don't see the purpose in provocotive advertising other than taking advantage of a sinful nature for mere business. I'm glad to see quite a change of pace here. Looking forward to seeing where this site goes...