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Blake Alexander Arnold

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May 26, 2007

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I absolutely love spending time with God and learning more about Him. I love spending time with my church family and getting to know them better too.
I still enjoy playing my saxophone and love the challenge of difficult music.
I love teaching and enjoy teaching my own Winter Guard. I believe that God has given me a gift for teaching and know that He will use it in the future to show his Glory.


Indie, Country, Jazz, Christian, anything different from the usual... (except for Rap, I strongly dislike Rap)


Shawshank Redemption, Saw Trilogy, Matrix Trilogy, Goodwill Hunting, Crimson Tide, I Am Sam, and chick flicks... that's right! chick flicks... I said it...


The Bible (don't study it as much as I should though), The Circle Trilogy and Three by Ted Dekker, Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

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Chri $ tmas

I work at Toys R Us (not for long), and we are getting ready for the Christmas season. In fact, Toys R Us refers to the day after Thanksgiving as "Green Friday." This says alot about how our society views Christmas: Nothing more than a business opportunity. They are already playing "Christmas Music" in the store with also says alot about how our society views Christmas. The songs portray what "Christmas is all about": toys, love, Santa, fuzzy feelings, snow, fun, etc. They have missed the mark...

As we approach this wonderful holiday, let's not forget what it is REALLY about: A celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course we all like giving and receiving gifts, but let it be in a spirit of worship and rememberance. After all, Jesus himself is the greatest gift we will ever receive that we may have eternal life with our gracious Father in Heaven...

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