College Life

September 01 2005
College is awesome! i really like living on my own and meeting new ppl has been awesome too. i really like mtsu, i have friends here and in my classes but yet ive been meeting new ppl and so thats been great too! thursday classes are so stupid tho...i have HUGE breaks on those days so i cant work or babysit or im at ashleys dorm right now, waiting on my next class at 420 bc my 1:00 class only lasted for 5 mins.

Ben Moser

September 01 2005
i love you and i miss you!

Jonathan Moore

September 24 2005
Hey Robin. Im glad things are going good for you! Sorry about the schedualing problems, it happens. Have a great day! In Him, Jonathan John 3:30 1Thes 5:16-18

Brittany Dickens

September 30 2005
ROOBBBINNNN! Hi! I haven't talked to you in LIKE forever...even though it was like last week! LOL! Well you & I DEFINITELY need to hang out MORE! Maybe hit up Greek times! Well call me later girl! Love ya!