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November 22, 2005

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Hanging out with friends and worshiping God


country, christian, and umm....yeah rap


Snow White, Aladdian, and After the Sunset


When God Writes Your Love Story, anything by Sandra Brown

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College Life

College is awesome! i really like living on my own and meeting new ppl has been awesome too. i really like mtsu, i have friends here and in my classes but yet ive been meeting new ppl and so thats been great too! thursday classes are so stupid tho...i have HUGE breaks on those days so i cant work or babysit or im at ashleys dorm right now, waiting on my next class at 420 bc my 1:00 class only lasted for 5 mins.
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My Luckey died last night. I miss her so much. She was more than just our dog, she meant everything to all of us! I knew it was coming when I went to visit her yesterday at the vet before i went to work, but i still dont want it to be true. She was the best dog anyone could ever have. Right up till the end, she was faithful to us all and loved us as much as we loved her! I miss my sweet girl, Luckey!
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Moving Out

I\'m moving out!!!! I get my keys to my apartment on aug. 21, which is my birthday! I\'m so excitied!!!!
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Me and Meagan just dyed our hair! Mine looks really good and shes drying hers right now so we\'ll see in jus a few mins....i think it will look good tho! i\'ll put some pics up in a few days! they will be really funny and look of course...GOOD!!!!

today my Luckey was not feeling good and so mom took her to the vet and they said that she either has leukiema or amiema in dogs and so she has to stay till monday and they have her on IVs and i\'m super sad right now...we\'ve had her for 9 years and shes the only dog we\'ve ever had and i love her so could everyone please pray for her right now...we should her something from the doctor in the morning about the tests that they ran on her today....shes only been gone for like 7 hours and i already miss her and shes jus down the street....i love my luckey!!!!
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My Rach is Home!!!!

lets see here...went to bed late last night and woke up to a ringing phone this morning...Nic called and said he just got back to town and so he did what he had to do and then came over here and we just talked for like 2 was fun! I\'m so glad I got to see him today.. its a first in almost a week and we dont talk all that much..but he\'s been really busy so i forgive him... then tonight i went to work and it was jus me and mandi and lee and lee...that was always is..i like workin with them....then i got off work and went to meet Meag...and ashley and dj and blake were there but i didnt know everyone was there till i got there...then meag and dj came over after we dropped off ash and Nic met us here too...then they left and me and Nic chilled in the hot tub (it was WAY to hot for that outside, i dont know what we were thinking) and then we came in and started to watch Man of the House but we started to fall asleep..well he he went ahead and left so he could make it back okay tonight... He gets to move back to town on Aug. 13.....i cant wait! I really miss him being gone so im so glad i got to see him today bc who know when i will again... Well yeah so i dont work again till Friday so if anyone wants to do anything this week then jus call me!

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