Amazing Night!

July 20 2005
WOW! thats the only way I know how to describe my night. it was so awesomely amazing! i went to church and then jamie and whitney and rachel were SUPPOSED to go with me to *hu hum*'s house to chill and watch movies....they all 3 bailed on that left just me and him.we watched the notebook and it was so much fun..."Lighten up and smile" "when your smiling its so much nicer". awww jus the way he talks to me is like unexplainable! it so great.. and he met my mom tonight and obivously she liked him or she wouldnt have been like have fun and jus dont be late, which I came home at midnight and she didnt say a word. im so glad to bc the one BIG thing I learned tonight is DONT BE JUDGEMENTAL! DONT JUDGE SOMEONE BEFORE YOU KNOW THEM, LET ALONE BEFORE YOU TALK TO THEM!!!!! thats something I did with this person thru high school and now I wish I hadnt. I cant change the past with him but I can sure as heck change the future and I plan to do jus that!!!

Brittany Dickens

July 22 2005
Whoop! Whoop! I'm glad your happy with *him*....I won't try and have any judgments about him until I actually meet him! Have A GRREAT day! Love ya! _brit