May 06 2006

When was the first time you remember me? Doesn't matter if you just saw me or we actually spoke. The first time you remember me.


if you went yesterday, read my xanga.


JC Courtoy

May 06 2006
This year at 2nd lunch, I was tlaking to Shannon.


May 06 2006
hmm...gym class, freshman year...you were always talking and smiling and just being happy!!!

the brian king kenobi

May 06 2006
did you have ms swan? i think you are connected with her somehow in my mind . . .


May 08 2006
well my 6th grade year, my first day at a new school, in a new town, i sat down and you made me think you were a some kind of crazy psycic. oh yeah and you were shorter than me back then & you would never ever be taller. until like 8th grade anyway. ahh memories.