break out dance

March 03 2006

so. as of now, March 3, i am this....

<>><<>`/`/`/`/`/`/)()()()( YYAAYYAAVVVOOO IIIIII><><><><

that is my happy dance for today. interpreted through the keyboard.

i think today is going to be a good day. i have $4.85 to my name, and some aluminium foil in a bag. some good materials to have a very interesting day...... *emily*~*lu*~*emmy*~*emoochie*~*hoochie*~*e-money*

any more nicknames to add?? oh, sorry, sara, "the tennis player" :)


March 03 2006
so yeah i hope to you will enjoy in your $4.85 because i dont have any:((

Elaine Stephens

March 03 2006
lol, i like nemanja's comment. the keyboard's interpretation is very interesting. i like it. hope you enjoy your day. mine sucks. dr. says i have mono.... woohoo. yeah, so i'm at home, bored out of my mind, with nobody but gracie to talk to. i'll ttyl. love you