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i wish i couldnt care...

February 26 2006

well i had an awesome weekend this weekend. but then i got home and i had to do something that i really didnt want to. some of u know wat it is.  but ne way.. it really sucked having to do it.  i hate making people feel bad. i dont know, if i didnt hav feelings then i wouldnt feel bad. and it sucks cause i do care.

its just the fact that i hear that wat i feel and think matters and i really dont think that it does. maybe im just stupid i dont know. but until someone can prove me wrong then that is wat im going to think. it just sucks.

Allen Harvey

February 27 2006
Just hang in there man, life is about doing things you dont want to and feelign like crap, but what matters the most is how you react to what life throws at you. Just trust in God and it will be better in time.