August 21 2006

Hey everyone... i am sorry i havent bloged in a while i wahve been kind of busy with school and everything.

Last Saturday i went to the wilson county fair and there was one ride it looked completely harmless but it wasnt

I almost got sick on it and then i got stuck at the very top of the giant ferris wheel.....

Okay well please remark me or send me a message or both

Love ya bunches.... Emily O.


August 09 2006

Hi everyone.

I am extremely bored... gd thing is i go get a new flute today... i always hated the other one! LOL!

well as most of you know i got back from texas yesterday.

it was soooooooo........ hot. and i went to the rodeo!  YAY! 
at the rodeo this bull almost attacked me. i was so scared. LOL

well i am excited about church tonight.
i start school tomorrow ...... (poor me)

oh and for the people in relentless jh do you know whose fusion group i am in well please remark me!


P.S. see ya tonight


July 24 2006


I am going to be gone to Texas for 2 weeks starting tomorrow! So...Please say hi to everyone for me when i am gone! and for those of you that are going to Orlando for Fine Arts...I hope you do good and have fun!

Love ya please remark me about this blog and also about my last one!

LoVe Ya,



July 23 2006


i just got back from atlanta yesterday! it was completely awesome i loved it! we spent 12hrs. at SIX FLAGS!

There were a couple problems yesterday though!...anyways i like this guy and he liked this other girl and she doesn't like him...i am not going to go into detail with who it is and all but i am wondering what to do...if i should tell him that i like him and hope he likes me back...or keep it to myself and until he finds out???????? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

please leave me a remark or message me or something


July 18 2006


i am really bored i am supposed to get my hair cut tommorrow and my head hurts and my tummy hurt really bad! well anyways antlanta is going to be soooooooo kwl! well i will see yall tommorrow night


                                    please remark or message me


July 17 2006


I am like extremely bored... i am just got back from watching the movie " Pirates of Carabean 2" i thought it was kinda boring...but anyways...i am so estatic about Thursday because RJH is going to ATLANTA...It is going to be AWESOME!!!

So anyways...i guess i better go...

                                          Luv ya


Hey i am @ BEKA'S HOUSE

July 05 2006

Hey everyone i am @ beka's house!!!!! church was AWESOME..... except we had to fill out this really long survey..... it was like a humungo 3 pages front and back!

anyways........it is like around 10:30 and i think we are going to watch CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN 2...........Soooo...................

Well as most of you know today was my birthday! ( and if you didnt know before tonight and you were at church you would have found out by pastor kenny)

SO anyways i am going to go.......so please leave me a remark or send me a message or something..........................Today's most random thought.....By: Emily O'Berry .........
"I love ice cream......ice cream rocks....... yay me!!!......"

                                                               Luv Ya,


July 05 2006

hi everyone,

sorry to bother you but today is my birthday and i am really happy well i guess i will see everyone at church tonight.

P.s. my parents got me this awesome digital camera for my b-day

IT ROCKS- sincerely, Emily

Hey Yall!!!!!

June 14 2006

Hey yall i am extremely bored again anyways  i guess i will see yall at chuch tonight bye

please remark me or message me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HEY I AM @CANDACES HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 12 2006

Hey Yall!!!!

i am at candace's house and WE are really HYPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and she is singing the oscar mayer SONG!!!!!!!!!

okay anyways this was this one grl and she was getting an ATTITUDE WIT USS!!!!!!! oooooo my goodness!(good luck wit that one) sry im tlking to myself) and CANDACE IS BEING A DORK!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAD PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY CHEESE !!!! anyways!

okay well goodbye

i can still see the resemblance!

dont that just look like kenny?

this one was inspired by GUSTAVO GARCIA

This was a mixture between GUS AND KENNY!!


and that .......i dont know what you call that.........oh yeah chris slates daytime job.

<3 always,

                                  Emily O'Berry!!

P.S sry if yall were offended by the jokes and pictures but dont be an attitude hole (inside joke)

CAMP WUZ SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 09 2006

Hey Everyone,

CAMP WAS SO MUCH FUN! i have not had that much fun in a very long time. They had an awesome praise and worship band (i am not saying that FWC's is not good i am just saying that, that was what i needed at the time) They had an AWESOME evangelist Ron Rhoads (Rhonda Rhoads), he was just pure amazing. every single night his sermon was right on target for me personally.

I had so much fun i would go back for another 5 days if i could. there was this one girl big bertha (the girls who were in cabin 5 and some others most defindently know who she is) This morning I had KP DUTY (YAY ME) well i g2g

be bak later please comment me!



June 01 2006

I AM SO SORRY I HAVE NOT BEEN ON IN A WHILE.......well today was my graduation.....here i come middle school! anyways so like Ally and Doc from the Kingdom Players spent the night at my house last night. It was fun we stayed up till like 12:30.

Tommorrow i am going to my best friends birthday party so i cant come to the cook out or the fine arts yardsale. i send my love to everyone, except for the people i dont know but i send my love to them too just not as much. anyways well i g2g please remark me i will see yall on sunday.

Oh P.S. i love this picture of kenny, dont tell him i have it.

They look so much alike, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 


May 10 2006

Hey everyone,

well we are going to be going to church in less than an hour so this cant be very long. well anyways i am extremely bored and only 14 and 1/2 days left yay!

okay welllllllllllll..............

you get the point g2g

Love ya bunches



May 09 2006

Hey yall,

i am like doing a science fair project at school, which would normally be boring, but i am doing a project on Gum so i get to chew gum in class! YAY ME!!!!

okay well please comment me and i will hopefully see everyone at church Tomorrow



May 05 2006

Hey everyone i have a quick question for you, you ready?


May 05 2006

Hey yall!

i went to the renissance festival today it was so much fun except for it was raining for the first hour or two! anyways i saw some pleople from church and stuff i saw stacey dunbar,kelley powell, and for some strange reason kyle mcgee

so anyways g2g i will see ya later (hopefully)




May 04 2006

hey yall!

so i am like so siked about tomorrow because i am going to the Renisiance festival with my  class and i think it will be AWESOME!

well i will see yall on sunday!

please message me or remark me or something i am just really bored well g2g i will get on later





May 03 2006

Hey everyone!

once again i am extremely bored! i just got back from church! i went to DAIRY QUEEN i saw becca and matt hicks there anyways so i got this chocolate-chip cookie dough blizzard....right.....right.........so now i am like really really hiper sooooooooooooo i will see everyone on either friday at the cookout or sunday at church well g2g bye, tootles, see ya, asta lavista, call it what eva you wanna call it! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111


May 02 2006

Hey Everyone!

soooooooooooooooo............. i am extremely bored so if you see this please comment me! If you do i will be forever grateful.... okay that sounded really cheesy so let me rephrase that i will just write you back (that sounds much better) LOL! okay well i better go please comment me or message me or whatever you want to do! okay well bye!