February 20 2007

sup???? well i am watching american idol right now and i am like super dooper bored!!! i cant wait till church tommorrow night.... yesterday i went to the mall and got some really cute dress pants and a really cute t-shirt...... the t-shirt was only like $4 and my dress pants were only $7 and i got them at khols... it was awesome!!!! and we went to the mall..... okie dokie well i was sooooo hyper and i had a crazy day at school 2-day.... this guy was apparently going to ask me out and everyone knew in the mini shcool except for me and so my friend comes up to me and asked me if i said yes and i thought she was talking about a conversation that we had friday... so i said yes ...she she told this other girl that we were going out... so i had to run down the hallway and tell this kid and my friend was mistaken and we were NOT going out.... and that i didnt like AT ALL!!!! but i had a good reason... he might have been cute.... but he was extremely rude... and always talking about "STUFF" okie dokie well now that you know my story about today i guess i will go.....