December 29 2006

Hey everyone i am sooooo sorry i have not blogged in such a long time.... my mom would not let me get on the computer and i guess i have been really busy. As most of you know Bekah Lewis came over to my house after the wednesday night thingy and we saw charolettes web... it was soooo sweet.... i cried when charolette died. i got this really fun game for playstation 2 for christmas it is called thrillville

i also got some jewlery and money and lotions and stuff like that..... and the best thing that i got  was a 4gb PINK IPOD NANO!!! it is Awesome but i cant download music onto it because... somehow we got a virus on our computer to where now allof our stuff has to be deleted so i have to wait for my dad to fix it... well  i will see yall sunday love ya bye



January 02 2007
nobody cares when you update silly!!! j/k/ i got an ipod nano too! neato!