kinda of sloshy..

September 19 2006

i have to say something. it won't be a long something because it's way to pretty outside to be ranting on stupid phusebox. and before i say it, let me make it known that it has nothing to do with anything or anyone it may sound like it has to do with...not directly anyway.

all my life i've heard that guys should pursue girls. girls should sit and wait for the man that God has ordained for them. it is their responsibility and privilege to be the leader in a relationship. but let me say this- that leadership does not end when the relationship begins. that pursuit does not end when you get the girl. if you love her or at least have extremely strong feelings for her, that responsibility to make sure she knows she is cared for is yours for however long you are with her. maybe it's a risk because you don't know what will happen ultimately but you do know if you have those feelings for someone, and it is wrong and completely idiotic to disregard that position. it is wrong to sit on your butt and keep on doing whatever it is your doing if things are not right between you and her. it is your job to treasure her and recognize the love you have for her and get over her "emotions" and "drama" and GO GET HER and if you didn't learn that from your father then learn it now. it's going to save you a hell of a lot of heartache in the end.


September 19 2006
Amen, sister!

the brian king kenobi

September 19 2006
*takes notes* yes ma'am!


September 19 2006
:o) you are totally my hero for writing that! love you!