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September 22, 2011

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i love sports...volleyball basketball and track [hurdles :). love church. love my awesomest friends that everybodys jealous of :P


contemporary christian...rock/ listen to the radio a lot


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ya know....its awesome to have a good friend. hang out, have funn, make great memories. you FiNAllY get really close to that person, comfortable an safe being around them. then comes the dreaded goodbye. you both know its coming, but try not to think about it. well it comes, they leave, an your stuck here thinking about what you should've said or done differently. at first yall keep  in touch really great, communication is good. but then it deteriorates. phone calls messages emails an im's become a rare occasion. an you feel like you have failed at bieng that persons friend cause you are no longer part of their life. you aren't there when they need someone to talk to and they aren't there when you need someone to talk to. well sure you have those kinda friends where you are...but this certain person always seems to know the right thing to say, what to do an listens an really seems to care. and its hard to lose that. it really is...


August 13, 2008
Mathis said

I know excatly how you feel.
August 16, 2008
.savannah[<3.] said

sure ya do..

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