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March 14, 2006

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Thoughts the morning after.

she's lying in my bed so pretty
sometime during sleep
she pulled the blanket up over her head
but i can still see some strands of loose hair
reaching for the pillow's edge
i'm watching her so pretty
curled up like a kitten
under blankets that move up and down
s l o w l y
with each breath
i hear a sigh so pretty
wander out into the still of morning silence
her scent is pressed into my sheets
and when she leaves
she'll leave it there
the faint ghost of lavender
to wrap me up in memories so pretty
they'll keep me sane each night that we're apart
i'll miss her much so pretty
but she's coming back
so pretty…

he holds me in his arms
close and hard against him
with a grip so tight and warm and safe
my arms' embrace whispers back
don't let me go
don't let me go
i bury my head in the warm nook of his neck
kissing his ear
a tease, a silent plea
for Time to cease
so i don't have to leave
because everything's so wonderful
so perfect
when he is near
don't let me go
don't let me go

our bodies move together
in lovers' dance
a sacred conversation
and underneath the mattress groans
don't let me go
don't let me go


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the ballad of john and michelle

never put your soul
into someone you dont know
because when you turn round you see your frown
yet all the while a smile
you feign

youre drowning in this place
yet its all voluntary
what you thought you once loved
your partridge...your dove
is nothing more than a part time friend
...your blindness must be hereditary

its time for a change so you go all the way
only to find out that youre the stray,
youre lost in this world without a trace
of the light of your sign of her face
her favorite roses...the sunset she'd say

ive been a bit out of place
...imagining things again
comes with the territory i guess...


i can see the smile upon your face
all at once falling from its place
your image slowly fades from my mind
a symbol of the love you left behind

you pulled me in but you really through me out
you made me sure while filling me with doubt
youre the only one who gave me a chance
and now you send me home
yeah thats romance

why did you have to let me go
when only yesterday you loved me so
none of this is making any sense
was it ever love or only false pretense

you took my dark and turned it into light
you were the only one who made things right
you became my muse when i needed hope
and now you send me home
yeah what a joke


edit: emo
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why do i need a title?

"money doesnt talk it swears...obscenity who really cares....propaganda all is phony..." --bob dylan

you walk onto the crowded street...only looking at your feet and all at once you start to see the off to meet and talk and be...time goes by and this goes on but then you see theres nothing more...and you turn to run but then again....they grab you in...door to door....

beating faster and faster still....youre trapped within against your will...these stepford wives have got you son...and when you reach for you gun...they lull you in with talk of all the same....and yet you came....and came again...

throw it off and run outside...only to find youve got nothing to hide...pick up yourself for one more round...this time you wont end on the ground....youve seen this hell...this shopping spree...for the latest fad..starched and pressed theyre all the same...conformity's the game...but you wont go down that way....youll change it all...make them see....


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a rambling

i want to write something...............
but i keep distracting myself. correcting myself.
have you ever watched the line on the screen eat each letter of each word of each sentence of each thought as you press the backspace button? it's almost more beautiful than a poem. a painless destruction.

destruction is creation.
(remember that?
we know this better than most.)

(i owe you a thanks, dear...without you, my destruction would be nothing more than that - destruction.)


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One Year

A year ago today we went ghosthunting together for the first time.
That was the day we began.

Happy Anniversary, love.



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