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February 16, 2006

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I've been having a rough week. My boyfriend broke up with me, i'm about to drop out of school of not having hope and my father past away last week.


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most def. info

Okay, for reals yo. I'm letting out info.

I'm 20 and i was born in mexico. I moved to the bronx when I was ten and traveled with my dad after my parents slipt to Tennessee. I am now live in Calif. with my boyfriend. this was after I truned 18 and graduated from home school.

I only know karen and a few other people in tennessee but she's the only I talk to.

I have an evil step-sister who i'm close to but i'm not close enough to her to let her live with my boyfriend and myself.

Boyfriends name is Kyle M. I met him when I lived in the Bronx and lost contact with him after I moved to Tennessee. Some how our life's crossed wires and there you have it. Been together for ages.

Anyway, i'm a raver by nature. Texas raves are the best.

Oh and I'm at CSU.


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hey... hum how do i change the e-mail location? i'm using my friends& yeah well, i'm getting her hate mail from people. needs to stop that goofy stuff.


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