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January 02, 2008

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God, family and friends, and music. just like that. and starbucks to drink while hanging out with the above. yes, i hang out with music.


billy joel, the beatles, pink martini, miles davis, duke ellington, elton john, kelly clarkson, diana krall, chicago, ewf, tower of power, bobby darin, frank sinatra, ray charles, john williams, london symphony, soundtracks, broadways, Wicked, bela fleck and the flecktones, jason mraz, harry connick jr, doobie brothers, five for fighting, norah jones, carol king, joni mitchell, paul mccartney, mandy moore, damien rice, paul simon, james taylor, josh groban, quincy jones, alicia keys, kool and the gang, stevie wonder, electric lights orchestra, michael jackson, jamie cullum, oscar peterson, seatbelts, steely dan, vince guaraldi, howie day, michael buble'


A Walk to Remember, Pride & Prejudice, Moulin Rouge, The Phantom of the Opera, Two Weeks Notice, Breakfast At Tiffany, 13 Going on 30, HP, LOTR, Singing in the Rain, West Side Story, The Incredibles, Willy Wonka, the Princess Bride, The Producers.


The Golden Compass trilogy, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, the Sabriel trilogy, all Harry Potters, The Princess Bride, Wicked

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got patience?

well, I\'ve been kinda impatient lately. and I realized tonight at church that I shouldn\'t be. I\'ve wanted answers that I obviously can\'t and shouldn\'t have at this moment. It\'s tough to not have questions answered when you really want them to be. but that\'s where patience comes in. So that\'s what I\'m praying for rather than to have the answers themselves...patience. And one day, I\'ll have the answers to everything. Well, atleast what I want to know...I hope. PA is Saturday ....earrrrly. So I\'ll be back much later. God Bless.
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*sigh* romantics: read below story

went to a bridal shower today for a girl i haven\'t seen since I was 2. I love her. she is a lot like me and she\'s now one of my role models. and i am in love with her story on how she met her husband. for girls, or guys who like romantics or want to get a good idea, check it out....

so she went as a missionary to Australia. and her husband-to-be was there from England. when she came home for a few weeks she realized how much she missed him, but they were just friends. when she got back to Australia, he was there again. and they became good friends. sometimes she would see girls around him and get upset, but she came to the conclusion that she wasn\'t going to flirt to get him, but rather he had to come to her and fight for her. so she prayed about it and that she was shown how he felt about her. well, one day she was on a country ride with someone from the camp and they came across a couple they knew and stopped. and she was lead to a tree, and behind it there was a blanket laid out with roses and rose petals and her husband-to-be was leaning against the tree in a suit. he then said he\'d liked her for a year now. that was just their first date. then for christmas, which both families spent in Australia, a few nights before, he led her away from everyone else and they went on a boat in the Sydney Harbor or something and he proposed. hoowwww romantic is that?!
she\'s like the sweetest girl. i like her a lot.

but yeah. I like stuff like that. well, David left yesterday for Interlochen. and I leave next week. and then I won\'t see Christie again for a while because she\'s going to be gone for a majority of July. so we went to Starbucks one last time yesterday as a threesome. gonna miss those kids. already do. so I kinda hope summer hurries up. first off, because I love band camp and can\'t wait for it. second off, so they\'ll be home and we can hang out some more. but meanwhile, I\'ll be off to Pennsylvania and then summer reading and studying for permit. finally. but the driver\'s book is boring. ugh. so I have my work cut out for me. and I\'m practicing a lot. and teaching myself some violin. so I probably won\'t be on the computer a lot. which is good. so you guys have a great summer! God Bless.
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88, did you say?

yes. my upstairs, where I basically live most of the time I\'m home, is 88 degrees! ahh. our AC broke. it\'s been like this for a few days and is hopefully finally getting fixed tomorrow morning bright and early. ugh. heat! i don\'t like it. and i\'m too paranoid to keep my window open all night....even though it\'s upstairs.

I\'m melting...!!!!
God Bless.
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i called it!

so a few weeks ago i came up with this plan that I told my mom about. and it was to start a conservative clothes line one day. because, I think there are some clothes that are cute, but keep you covered. this if for girls mostly. guys keep everything covered. lol. just no speedos. and so I was all into it, thought it was going to be awesome. and then...a few days later mom sees on the news or something that someone had said the new fall fashion line was going to be conservative! ugh, that\'s the 3rd (?) maybe more...time that I\'ve called what the next season\'s look is going to be. rar. why can\'t I be the trendsetter. it always gets set after I think it up but before i completely start wearing it. this stinks. but i guess it\'s cool at the same time.
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I wanna be a part of it...

New York, New York. by sinatra. says it all.

I miss New York sooo incredibly much. just looking at pictures....gah, i wanna go back like super badly. I just miss the thrill of seeing so many people everywhere, and figuring out where to go next and looking at all the interesting people and places around you. All the bright lights and big signs and noises and smells (some not so good). I miss it. The random music playing, but it\'s really super cool, on the sidewalks. the awesome shopping. the beautifulness of it all. it\'s just become a part of who i am. i dont know why, but it has. and i for serious want to move there one day. *sigh* God Bless.
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