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January 02, 2008

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God, family and friends, and music. just like that. and starbucks to drink while hanging out with the above. yes, i hang out with music.


billy joel, the beatles, pink martini, miles davis, duke ellington, elton john, kelly clarkson, diana krall, chicago, ewf, tower of power, bobby darin, frank sinatra, ray charles, john williams, london symphony, soundtracks, broadways, Wicked, bela fleck and the flecktones, jason mraz, harry connick jr, doobie brothers, five for fighting, norah jones, carol king, joni mitchell, paul mccartney, mandy moore, damien rice, paul simon, james taylor, josh groban, quincy jones, alicia keys, kool and the gang, stevie wonder, electric lights orchestra, michael jackson, jamie cullum, oscar peterson, seatbelts, steely dan, vince guaraldi, howie day, michael buble'


A Walk to Remember, Pride & Prejudice, Moulin Rouge, The Phantom of the Opera, Two Weeks Notice, Breakfast At Tiffany, 13 Going on 30, HP, LOTR, Singing in the Rain, West Side Story, The Incredibles, Willy Wonka, the Princess Bride, The Producers.


The Golden Compass trilogy, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, the Sabriel trilogy, all Harry Potters, The Princess Bride, Wicked

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so much confusion: a nostalgic rant

i reallllly miss how things used to be. but i didn't realize it when I had it. I realize everything I have when it's gone and too late to ever have back again.
I don't like how people change. I don't like that people move away, because it changes everything in both people. It changes the dynamics of the place they moved from. It's so inconvenient. but yet, in the long run, helpful i suppose.
{this isn't what I expected at all}
I suppose I'm just in a state of confusion right now. Finding where my heart lies and sticking to it. I guess that's what preping for college is all can't simply change your mind once you're there. your inital heart's desire is your decision for the next several years that mold your life. 

but I'm doing it again...
wishing away the time I have right now.
I always hate the first semester of school. it always brings me down. second is so much more uplifting and fun and exciting. and I can't wait for it to roll around to see what it has in store for me. I can't wait for this confusion to get sorted out, and for everything to go back to normal.

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pleasure leads to pain...

so New York was amazing as I expected it to be.
lots of shopping, lots of amazing cityness. i loved every minute of it.

especially....WICKED! loved it a bunch! my fav, most def. *sigh*
oh, and I was in Little Italy during the semi finals between Italy and Germany. what an amazing experience. being in a crowd of hundreds for the entire overtime, and then everyone cheering when we won. woah!

then my wisdom teeth got cut out last week. boy, what an experience.
dry sockets twice. still in pain. oy vey, not so fun. and I need to play my clari, but can't.

2 weeks til band camp. oh joy, out in the heat all day. boooo....
I hurt, I 'm leaving.

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where has the time gone?!

wow, that was a long time ago. well well well...
um, school's over. yay. graduation was sad. but we'll move on to bigger and better things dog gone it. oh yeah, my dog died this past week. i've been very upset about that. hmm...uh, new york ci-tay in a couple weeks. including Wicked on Broadway. psh, i cannot wait. plus time with my grandmother, just us without my cousin, which is good because I never get to have that and she always gets it. so that will be the best. i'm one of the three clarinet section leaders for next year so trying to get some stuff together for that. and that's about it. oh, and as a backstory for the last post, san antonio was absolutely gorgeous. the riverwalk is one of my favorites places in the world now. um...yeah. and all that happened in between, jazz fest and stuff. that was all good. whew, i need to update more so I don't have to bring allll this stuff up. well, at this rate i probably won't update before NY unless i just get bored one day. oh and kels leaves for japan next week. that'll be sad to see her go. well, that's about it. i'm drained of info, and i'm off to bed.
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springtime for yohe

wow. i'm awful at keeping this up to date....'s spring break. then texas trip. if people say yeehaw and wear cowboy hats and boots, i just might get angry. new york this summer...i get to see Wicked on broadway. score! and heaven forbid teachers give us an actual break, so I have a project a paper and a lab to type this week. boo on them. and now I'm going to enjoy the wonderful spring-like weather. ahh....

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sweet 16 and golden birthday was yesterday. and it was the best.
went to the Trans Siberian Orchestra Concert Monday night with some awesome was great. and we were in suite 16. that made me smile. so yeah, had a magnificent birthday. with great people. and...there\'s stuff that people know that I don\'t and it\'s wigging me out. rar.
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