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March 27, 2006

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I like football and Hockey.
That's it. I'm a simple girl. I have a boyfriend. He's amazing. I have alot of friends. They are right under him. So are you. I love music.


Motioncity Soundtrack, Foo Fighters, The Hush Sound..ect.


Pearl Harbor, Remember the Titans, any movie on Comedy Central.


Harley Like a Person.

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hii guys. its number 2 on the whole blog thing. well this kind of borees me but i had to bake all day. so when i woke up by my mom and angela on the phone i went to the mall with her and my dad and we went to go see 16 blocks. hey guys i recogmend it. you need to go see this movie. it is so sad and i like cried but who cares. go see it! lol well then me an danglea went in like everystore in the mall and she bought some shampoo at victoia secret and it smelled so darn good. lol i need to get some. well if you are still reading this you have just earned 5 hugs from me. yay you win haha. well so then thomas called and then he did some homework. hmm yeah it would have been niice to see my boyfriend this weekend but understand about priorities. i have some of my own. well okay my blog is over blog readers. love you tons. <333

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my first blog yay. so how are yall. im new to this. tell me how i am doing once in a while. i dont normally tell ppl how my life is goin or what i do all the time so keep me on schedule and ill let you know through these blog things.oh yah well im going to start my own tradition.everytime i leave a blog ill tell you a song to listen to in the color ggreen. yay so my first song is- artist:head automatica           song:tip your hooker

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