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July 24, 2011

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summer is going good...kelsey is at governors school and i miss her!! (by the way send her mail she LOVES it!) umm im not doing anything that exciting that i know of.. :) soo yeah! leave me a comment...please..
oh by the way i got my permit...yes i can drive on the road legally with someone 21 or older yay for me!! haha
June 22, 2006
kelsey shearron said

o my gosh. i missed out on keatons first drive!...oh my gosh...i hate governors school!!..i want to see you drive!..this is not cool. uuhhhggghh. man. im not too happy about this whole 4 more weeks thing..i miss you too baby girl!...i do love mail...but not as much as you! -kels
June 22, 2006
Alexanna said

lol maaaaaan I miss you!! you got your permit?? im old enough to get mine in 3 days!! WAHOOOO
June 22, 2006
Ben Moser said

wow. somebody's growing up. so cool. it was good to see ya last night keato-tacquito. (i don't know what that means...)
June 23, 2006
Jacob said

GO KEATON! Permits are cool but i get a license in 12 days
June 23, 2006
Rachel Chase said

HEY! ^^ you are so cute! and ur voice is so pretty! you should audition w/ Jackie, Jesse, and I for Once Upon a Mattress... if you don't want a part, you can just say you wanna be in chorus ya kno? ttul ciao! ^^
June 24, 2006
kelsey shearron said

you are sitting right next to me..
June 24, 2006
Jacob said

Caitlin Wilson
June 25, 2006

...scary :-)
June 27, 2006
the brian king kenobi said

yay for keaton! we should hang out sometime and have a lot of fun without your sister!
June 27, 2006
kelsey shearron said

i hate brian...but i looove you. keaton dont go to the darkside..hell pollute your mind..
June 28, 2006

Ey are more Kin than you and your sister are. Maybe I will stop by sometime?

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