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June 05, 2006

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track 06

for those who know the song unfortunately dubbed, "track 06," i have spent the last ~6 hours or so looking all over the Internet for the artist, the lyrics, the song title, anything.  i cannot find a single thing.  that just keeps us in the dark for now.

on a good note, i had a blast this last weekend.  i really enjoyed being back at Belle Aire and hanging out. 


February 27, 2006
Garrett Haynes said

I looked everywhere for also....couldn't find a thing. One weekend was tight!!!!
February 27, 2006
Ben said

yup, one weekend was tight, and we had bible study tonight. it was good, and we also heard things we needed to hear. i really had no idea how we acted. but yea, we def acted differently this weekend. and not in a good way. so yea, i dont know if u noticed it or not, but we got our butts chewed about it, and it was good. so yea, we have got to encourage a lot stinking more. and realize how we are acting. we all acted pretty foolish this week, but it was good seeing u. so yea, have an awesome week this week. in christ.
February 27, 2006
Garrett Haynes said

I second what ben said about acting foolish and not encouraging...instead we did the opposite. Yep, clint kicked our butts for it too.

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