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December 23, 2006

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Attention ALL Diversion Youth Ministries Members:

We have a blog site now!! we will be posting from various people in the minsitry. if you would like to be one who wants to post message me and let Stephen know!! You can email him @ Have an awesome Christmas! Below is a link to the blog

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hey everyone- wow! where has this year gone!! it is already the middle of november! i was just posting on here to just give you some stuff going on in diversion youth the past week! the guys played on thursday night and lost 48-30 or somewhere in that vacinity. we have a great group of guys who play on the team, but they are missing one vital point a big crowd supporting them!! Lets pack out the st. rose gym november 30th and support our guys as they take on St. Marks @ 7:30. just a thought!! i am planning on posting a big "preview" article on the b-ball team coming up soon. for all of us high schoolers we are rapping up the fall semester and about to head into mid-terms. Some people ask how can we pray for DIVERSION YOUTH MINISTRIES well here are some prayer requests:

1. Pray for all the guys involved in Wednesday Night activites (John Dunahoo, Jordan Williams, Keith Stacey, Wes Koetje, BJ Hunt, Chris Madison, Clint Nadeau, Stephen Hamby, and others) as they plan and get ready for Wednesday Nights!

2. Pray for the Christian Clubs that go on in the high schools and middle schools that God would annoint those ministries to their campuses.

3. Say a big prayer for Chris and Clint as they plan out 2007 in the near future.

4. Pray for small groups and the small group leaders.

Those are just some prayer requests that i can think of! Guys we head down the home stretch of november and head into thanksgiving. As we approach this holiday let's take some time and thank God for the many blessings he pours upon us everyday!! Have a great week! -stephen

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The UT-Florida Viewing Party to be held @ Belle Aire
has been cancelled for Saturday Night due to television miscommunication!!
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CD "At all Costs: A Night of Worship" to be released THIS SUNDAY!!

Nathan Mace, BJ Hunt, and some of the band from "At All Costs: A Night of Worship" will be leading worship in the sanctuary (or "Big Church") this sunday morning. also jerel olsen the new college minister will be speaking. Also wear your MTSU blue as welcome back the student for the 2006-2007 school year. CD's will be released to the Church Sunday for $12. If you already reserved your through Tacoya then it is $10.

Have an awesome weekend!!

At all cost for Your name

All creation sings Your praise

Jesus Christ, Saving Grace

You are the Way

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So school is back in session....don't ya love it.  Well the only new thing that is going on around here is the new website that we finally lauched right on time!  The new website is up and running at

If you have a testiomonial to put on the right-hand bottom corner of the homepage for the website, please send them to
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