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June 03, 2006

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God and chruch, music, Model UN, tennis, soccer, acting, writing, cooking, I love the Simpsons!!!!, and oh so many things!


The Walkmen, the Strokes, Modest Mouse, the Killers, the Pixies, the Ordinary Boys, the Von Bondies, the Beatles, the Who, Hot Hot Heat, classical, bagpipes, and many many other things


the Hours, (anything that is touching and hard to understand)!!!!, Harry Potter, Star Wars hehe, and all scary movies!


Cirque Du Freak, Narnia, Harry Potter, I love plays like As You Like It

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Wimbledon: Federer takes first win!

photo from dana_the_best

I\'m so excited it\'s Wimbledon season :) and already my favorite male player has won a match! Roger Federer, from Sweden, is the number one seeded male player in the world. And despite he lose in the finals to Nadal at the French Open, I\'m sure he can pull through on this one! Oh and he is sooo hott esp. when he plays, hehe.

Anyway, here is some random fact about Wimbledon:
1877 was the year of the first Wimbledon championships.
Wimbledon was not played during each of the World Wars.
Though it is held in England, the last Britain to win the men\'s was Fred Perry in 1936.
The last British women\'s singles win was Virginia Wade in 1977.
Roger Federer won last year and the year before. Could this be his third year in a row?

Well, that\'s about it for now. I\'ll talk to you all soon!
-Dana :)
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Photo From dana_the_best

photo from dana_the_best

This picture is my favorite. It is of me, Lana, Sarah, and Lauren. We have always wanted to get our pictures made and we finally did. We just got back from their house. It\'s so sad when we have to leave since we are like sisters, well maybe cousins, and never get to see each other. But when we do, we have the best times ever! Well, I\'ll talk to you guys later!
-Dana :)
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Photo From dana_the_best

photo from dana_the_best

In Loving memory of my dog Sugar! We had 11 wonderful years together. You were always there for me, even when you didn\'t want to be. You never spoke back to me, and you always let me pour out my crazed mind and heart to you (if you were even listening while you slept, lol). I will love you with all of my heart forevermore, and I shall never forget you. I denied this day ever arriving but it has. So far-the-well to you. See you in the next life!

Yours truely,
Dana Lea :)

P.S. The picture looks better smaller cause it\'s from my phone.

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Photo From dana_the_best

photo from dana_the_best

You can support the One Campaign, also, by purchasing a One band, like that of the livestrong. They are $1 each and can be purchased on the One Campaign site. You don\'t have to purchase to support though. Right now you can go sign the One Declaration and letter to be sent to good \'ol President Bush. Check it out!
-Dana :)
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The One Campaign

This is a campaign endorsed by peoples such as Brad Pitt that I feel very strongly about. This campaign was set up by Americans for Americans to help fight global AIDS and extreme poverty. You can go to the website and show your support, for free, by signing the Declaration. When I have a career I will be very lucky if it will concern something along these lines. For I want to be a peacekeeping officer in the UN. I have always wanted to live/work in African nations and do mission type work. I want to help improve the lives of people who have literally nothing. Even if it lasts for just a lifetime, I wanna know that I made a difference. Together we can work to half the amount of poverty by the next decade! Please, if this is something that you want to help stop, go to and make a difference!

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