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June 03, 2006

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God and chruch, music, Model UN, tennis, soccer, acting, writing, cooking, I love the Simpsons!!!!, and oh so many things!


The Walkmen, the Strokes, Modest Mouse, the Killers, the Pixies, the Ordinary Boys, the Von Bondies, the Beatles, the Who, Hot Hot Heat, classical, bagpipes, and many many other things


the Hours, (anything that is touching and hard to understand)!!!!, Harry Potter, Star Wars hehe, and all scary movies!


Cirque Du Freak, Narnia, Harry Potter, I love plays like As You Like It

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You are a genious! Or you cheated. Well, congrats
you saw through my
made-to-fool-you-answers...whether you had help
or not I don\'t know. I hope you liked my
questions, message me your opinion.

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This quiz was really fun. I esp liked the last question and got it right. I better have being from KY. haha. Anyway, you all should take it!
-Dana :)

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