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June 03, 2006

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God and chruch, music, Model UN, tennis, soccer, acting, writing, cooking, I love the Simpsons!!!!, and oh so many things!


The Walkmen, the Strokes, Modest Mouse, the Killers, the Pixies, the Ordinary Boys, the Von Bondies, the Beatles, the Who, Hot Hot Heat, classical, bagpipes, and many many other things


the Hours, (anything that is touching and hard to understand)!!!!, Harry Potter, Star Wars hehe, and all scary movies!


Cirque Du Freak, Narnia, Harry Potter, I love plays like As You Like It

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Best feeling

The best feeling in the world is seeing someone, or thinking of someone, who totally takes your breath away and makes you melt inside.

-Dana :)
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Wimbledon Championship

photo from dana_the_best

Roger Federer, the number one seeded male tennis pro in the world, has won Wimbledon for the their time in a row! Venus Williams won yesterday for the Women\'s Championship.
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Live 8

Go to my xanga to read my rant about the Live 8 concerts that are going on around the world!
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War of the Worlds

We saw War of the Worllds today. It was totally awesome! Way better than the book. The book did help me understand everything, even with the movie having a different plot. I was able to understand why the aliens were their and why they, along with their tripods, died. It was really good and I suggest everyone see it! The \"kid\" who plays Tom Cruise\'s son though really isn\'t 17, to my disappointment. He\'s actually a 23 year old guy. But either way he is really hot, lol.

*Roger Federer is in the Finals at Wimbledon! Hopefully he can take the win for the third year in a row! OOOhhh I hope sooo! I was so nervous this morning because I missed his match and I had to look on to find out the results of his match. As for the other semi final match, it was delayed for rain. But I bet Roddick wins that. I would be so great for Roddick and Federer to once again be face to face in the Finals. Esp. if Federer can beat Roddick again! Oh how nervous yet excited I am! Well, I should go now. Buh Bye!
-Dana :)
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Photo From dana_the_best

photo from dana_the_best

It\'s me and KC!
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