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June 03, 2006

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God and chruch, music, Model UN, tennis, soccer, acting, writing, cooking, I love the Simpsons!!!!, and oh so many things!


The Walkmen, the Strokes, Modest Mouse, the Killers, the Pixies, the Ordinary Boys, the Von Bondies, the Beatles, the Who, Hot Hot Heat, classical, bagpipes, and many many other things


the Hours, (anything that is touching and hard to understand)!!!!, Harry Potter, Star Wars hehe, and all scary movies!


Cirque Du Freak, Narnia, Harry Potter, I love plays like As You Like It

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I have been busy in and out of the hospital all week. I hate the hospital!
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This week has been great. Even if it was really short. I didn\'t get to see everyone though and I\'m sorry about that but it had to be cut short because my grand is getting surgery. It was nice seeing Lexie, Aimee, Margaret, Brian, Cameron, Sonia, Lauren, and everyone else! \'Mean Girls\', against all odd in my mind, is actually a really fantastic and riviting movie! Everyone should see it! Well, have fun friends!

-Dana :)
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Food is a really good thing. Hehe. I really like food. I love the taste of it. I love ice cream and chicken. I am addicted to bread! I love loads of kinds of breads. hehe. I like rice too. I love couscous! My diet pretty much consists of carbs and water. Good thing I play tennis or else I wouldn\'t be able to work off all those carbs, haha. But it\'s all good, yo! You know something I miss. I miss dunkaroos. The ones that were vanilla. They were soooooo goood. Haha. Well, I\'m gonna go now. I\'ll be seeing loads of ya on Sat. Happy Birthday Lauren!!!!!
-Dana Yo!
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The greatest thing you\'ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return!
-Dana ;)
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London Terror....

It is sad and sick what this world has come to. Terrorist try and convene terror in their victims. But London, poor London, who just found out that they were chosen to host the 2012 Olympics, has shown strength. They have let these people know that they will go on, yes they will be sad and many lives are now changed, but they will not let these evil people get what they want. Thus far 37 people are reported dead and over 700 wounded. There are now threats on Denmark and Italy as well. Tony Blair is now back with the members of the G8 summit and that is going back to normal.
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