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April 01, 2006

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God, dance, acting, flute, saxophone, GUYS, piccolo, piano, dogies, singing and having FUN!!!!


Green Day, Gavin DeGraw, Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, Will Smith, Ludacris, Mercy May (sp), Usher, Weezer, Blink 182, The Beatles, Akon, Alicia Keys


Mean Girls, Bambi, Cinderella, The Incredibles, The Butterfly Effect, Little Black Book, Coach Carter, Napoleon Dynamite, Finding Nemo, Hitch, White Chicks


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Chicken Soup (yum!), Secret Garden, Inkheart, Dragon Rider, The Theif Lord, All American Girl, The Black Stallion, A Wrinkle Time,

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June 20, 2005
aj said

your so mean to him lol thats my friend
June 21, 2005
LaUrEn said

hey now i cant see what he looks like gosh!! lol jk *lauren*
June 24, 2005
Jacqulyn said

isnt that ben ba-dork?
August 03, 2005
Ashton said

October 04, 2005
Lauren Johnson said

haha lol i have that pic too lol isnt fun beina na ex of bjork!
December 06, 2005
milly said

lol thats brilliant hes in my band look like you may be too in the future and a flute player too!!! join the club