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April 07, 2010

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GOD, psychology, music, dancing, reading, jeeps, airplanes, traveling to fun places, photography, finding new music that I love, doing things to make the world a better place


Something Corporate, U2, Matchbox 20, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Charlie Hall, Jimmy Eat World, Tinkers Punishment, Howie Day, Rascal Flatts, Coldplay, The Postal Service, Jump, Bain Mattox, Strange Celebrity


Billy Madison, Top Gun, Red Dragon, The Life of David Gale, Primal Fear, Fight Club, The Wizard of Oz, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook


Bible, anything by Karen Kingbury, Mary Higgins Clark, Dee Henderson, or Max Lucado
I just got done reading "Even Now" by Karen Kingsbury and I loved it-highly recommended

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It's Nathan's Birthday!

Nathan is 23 today!  In honor of his 23rd birthday.....23 Reasons why I love Nathan Moore.....

1.  He is a great brother

2.  He LOVES Jesus

3. He married Rachael...and is a great husband

4. He asked me to take his engagement pictures

5.  He makes funny faces

6.  He likes good music.

7.  He's a mac guy...and was before it was cool

8.  He is friends with the Waffle House Guys (the picture makes me laugh EVERY time I see it :) )

9.  He had an underwear showdown with my man.......not sure who won that one

10. He loves Callie.........and she loves him........

11.  He is a model (or likes to pretend)

12. He is a member of the Happy Hands Club

13. He likes to have food fights with me....good thing we have Sydney to clean it up

14.  He thinks it is fashionable to wear doilies on his head....

15.  He is not a picky eater......

16. He created phusebox and advertises with this goat

17.  He followed God and went to New York..and totally fit right in

18. He took me with him when he moved to New York (I'm in one of those boxes)

19. He talked to me about how he should propose to Rachael

20.  He thought these ladies were as funny as I did

21. He helped organize Paint the Town

22.  Whenever he came home from New York he always made to to go out to eat with me...just me and him

23.  We like to laugh really hard late at night about silly things

Those times are my favorite!

Make sure you wish this awesome guy a Happy Birthday!!!

I love you, Brother!

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Ode to Jonathan Moore

Today is Jonathan's 21st Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday, Jonathan!
Here are 21 reasons I Love Jonathan.....
1.  He is a good brother

2.  He LOVES Jesus

3.  He loves others

4.  He loves Sydney

5.  He has a servant heart

6.  He loves working with the youth group
(no pic....sorry)
7.  He is smart

8.  He is funny

9. He doesn't love this world....material things are not important to him
10.  He likes lobster

11. He stayed with me while Matt was working so I didn't have to stay by myself.
12. He handed Starburst out to strangers on the subway in NYC

13. He doesn't like TV
14. He is buddies with my husband

15. He is a sharp dresser

16. He loves Sandy as much as I do
17. He is tall

18.  He makes other people feel special
19. He has a heart for missons

20. He is random

21.  He is the great Jonathan Philip Moore...

So wish him a Happy Birthday!!!!!
or he might turn gangsta....

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What is that from?!

So for those of you who find it funny that I am a germ-a-phobe, I must admit that I have a rash on my hands and I have a suspicion it is from using too much hand sanitizer.  Yes, go ahead and laugh.  And I will add that I type this as I drink airborne to keep from getting my high schoolers flu germs....some things will never change....hope every one had a good day
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Snow Day!

In case you were wondering, I did indeed get out of school for snow on Thursday and Friday.  On Friday, Matt got off work at 7 AM and then we went to Shoney's.....

Yea for the breakfast buffet!
Then we went to Edwin Warner Park to play in the snow.....

We had a snowball fight....

And lots of fun!

Snow days are the best :)
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Come on...SNOW!  I feel like a 3rd grader, but I want to get out of work tomorrow :)  For those of you that don't know, I am the STARS counselor at Fairview High School, so when they get out of school, I get out of work.  Nice, huh?  I hear if you sleep with yout pjs inside out that it makes it snow...I might have to try that.  
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