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August 31, 2006

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rant....once again....sorry

*Countdown to Prom!*

5 more days!

well ive noticed recently that certain people have been spreading rumors about me dropping out of church. all i have to say to you is...HA! you actually think im gonna give up something ive had to fight so hard for?! you would like that, but too bad for you its not gonna happen. no i havnt been to church lately as often as i should be. but thats something that only i and the people i decide to includes business not any of yours. and no matter how hard you try your not going to bother me. you can dish out all you want. all that you have been showing is your pettiness and how immature you are. so, go on...give me your best shot. your the one thats gonna be falling flat on your face...hypathetically speaking.

 .....ha! im a loser...

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ok....i know we are to love one another. and i do love everybody. yes there are a few people that i would rather not be around. but the point of my last blog was that people use the word "christian" way too loosley. "yeah i go to church!....omg! i was so wasted this weekend!".....etc. you see? i know im not te perfect person. i was just puting my thoughts out there.

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why be a hypocrit?

you know what i dont get....

people who call themselves christian (i mean got the church family, go to church whenever possible, read their bible, pray...etc) and yet they act nothing like it. they are just like the people in the world if not worse. dont call yourself a christian if your not willing to be one! i mean everything that goes along with it, including turning the other cheek, not gossiping, people not agreeing with who you are, etc. this is the life a true christian lives. you think because people didnt like jesus or because he didnt quite fit in that he did whatever possible to fit in?! thats not what were here for. dont worry about fitting in here! this is not our home. the heavens is our home, not this waste of space we call earth. would you rather be popular, fit in, whatever while youre here or live for christ and live eternally in heaven? i myself choose heaven. looking like a christian does nothing if you dont live up to the name of christ. no, we cant be exactly like Him, we are humans. but we are supposed to live like christ as much as possible. if you truly love christ its not much to ask. afterall He DIED for us.

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just awaitn for prom...

well i didnt go to school yesterday...i was "sick". i went with travis to get his tux, show him where proms going to be, and get the corsage (?). it was fun...proms next week! ahhh! im so excited! so far everything ive dreamed prom would be has happened or atleast ive been told its gonna happen...the traditonal prom night...minus the cliche' but yeah....prom!!! ahhh!! lol.

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well...this weekend has been pretty fun. friday a bunch of people from our limo group for prom got together for lunch at this cool little place on the square, yesterday i went down to greenbrier to see my grandmother and she took me shopping for an easter outfit, last night i came over to my cousins house to talk to my date about prom and just hangout, and today...well today is Easter..enough said.

i so dont want to go to school tomorrow....ugh.

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