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May 11, 2007

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Rapping, dancing, playing videogames, playing football, playing basketball and dominoes


The real hip-hop from the North!!!!!! Not that D4L crap lol but I feel ya Lil Weezy, Slim Thug, TI and Young Jeezy


Them gutter movies like Saw 1, 2, 3, Hostel and Final Destination 3


The Homing (its a grimey book)

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Life's Leasons Help Mold You For The Future

Whats popping peoples

Just keeping it real doing my thug dizzle lol

So ive been looking into Churchs and found some interesting things. I didnt kno what i believed. But i know i believe in GOD and Jesus so ima Christian. Any i feel that God will help me thru everything and he has. Im not saying that im the most righteous man or live that most righteous life but i do try and learn from my mistakes.

I talked to my Sparrow brother Ben aka B Reb on saturday and he was like damn we all need to get back together and play D-noes and hit up chef wangs and i was like hell yeah thats a bet but i dont kno how to get up with big rock, hollywood dont pick up, and  i dont talk to boogie.(i hope we are still friends :\) but he did say that he will go to the titans-giants game on Nov. 26!!! SWEET!!! lol

But anywayz imma be the best man at my friend mikes wedding on Oct. 28th im happy for him but i still think hes too young lol. Plus they have a babygirl on the way that i will be the godfather of, oh boy imma have ta choke a bitch that tries to holla at her lol.

Life is ok right now. me and my moms still dont have the relationship that i really want but im working at it.

Anthony almost had some warrents out for his arrest but i talked to him and he really listened so he doing ok.

Vicky(my godmama) he recovering from her surgery for her hernia and she on her feet and ranning around which she shouldnt be doing but "You cant keep a good dog down"(All Dogs Go to Heaven)lol

Anywho imma bout to bounce so ill holla

~1 Blood~

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I'm Back!!!!!

Whats up peoples. Sorry i've away so long. i've been going through alotta things ya dig. Anyways i'm back in skool and it feels pretty good. But i was so rusty last week that i failed my first test but this week im on my A game. I've been answer all the question right so uyou already know that i'm back like cooked crack "aye" lol.

But on a sadder note, i was talking to my god mother Vicky and my got father Carlos and Carlos told me that my mom said the family might be moving to New Mexico on October 26! So i was like what the fuck . I've gotten real close with my mom over the past month and been telling her everything and she couldn't inform me about something as big as this? thats bullshit. So i started thinking about skool and found out that the only other branch of my skool with my program is in ATL!! so i guess she really wasn't thinking about my future. So my Carlos was like you could always come Dallas and go to skool here and he would go with me but i have to tell him that there isn't a skool i could tranfer to there with my program.what about troy(my  youngest brother), he just started skool and moving him around again will emotional hurt him. So idk. I feel like nothing good has been happening over the last couple of months. For example: Me and my moms got into a big argument over a phone that she thought i took but i didnt, B broke up with me and that still very very very hurts, i owe the skool an ass load of money and i don't know where it will come from, and my car is fucking up again . So yeah... thats my life...

we'll i gotta get back to class now. Holla back at ya boy~1~

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I'm so happy right now :D I saw my babygirl today and we talked about everything that was going on. I told her how i felt and she told me how she felt. She still loves me!!! :D I cant stop smiling. When i went over there i thought she was gonna brea up with me to be honest and i would have still loved her if she did. I just want her to be happy with or without me. But she still wants to be with me and thats whats up. So to all those haters and doubters, I got two words for ya SUCK IT!!! lol
If yall didn't know, DX is back together!!!
Well i'm out i might be going to the movies with B tonight so i'll holla~1~
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So my life sucks right now. Shit just keeps on going worng. B almost broke up with me the other day and it really affected me emotionally. Skool and work has been really stressful. I dont feel emontaionally into anything. I havent really been eating kuz im not hungry. i'm scared that ima gonna loose my true love. but im starting to eat again kuz im not going to try to hurt myself. i really miss B and wanna B with her every moment of my life. But theres always that curveball called life. If it was my choice, i would get an apartment right now and ask B to move i with me. Thats how much i love her. I want to marry her. But i'm not sure she feels the same way about me anymore. 

And my car :( my moms boyfriend has been "working on it" for the past month or so and aint shit change with that. All he does is sit on that damn computer all day and have his boys ova. That shit really pisses me off. He told me that if i give him the money he'll fix the car so i held up my part of the bargin and i still have no car. this is really affecting my relationship with B and thats messed up. But yeah that how life goes huh?

We'll let me stop bitching about my problems. Holla back at cha boy~1~ 

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Here Are the Pix Boogie :)



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