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Jamal Richardson

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July 31, 2006

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I like writing, readng, music, being stupid, and long walks on the beach.


J-pop, Rock, jazz


The Lion king, Fat Albert, Adam Sandler movies, anime movies, Cowboy Bebop,



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maybe I should do stuff today

I decided to go to phusebox today when I whent to the library. I haven't written anything since forever since I don't have the internet ...(the sound of no one careing). Anywho, I want to appologize to a certain someone who I got attitudie...attitudinous...(wtf?), an attitude with on the phone? That doesn't make since... Anyway you know who you are and so anyone else reading this really doesn't matter. I just wanted it to be known that even if Im stupid sometimes and an ass during moments, that I don't mean it and that your a very important person to me... even if I don't show it? Since no one other than mega pedophiles and people with no direct involvement to my life that are just extremely bored are going to read this, Im going to stop typing and go back to listening to J-pop and watching downloaded episodes of anime. Peace

May 31, 2006
beth cooper said

JAMAL! i care that u dont have internet. cuz if u did we could keep in touch so much easier! well ill talk to u later. maybe see ya at the bhs v. shs football game...
July 07, 2006
Lisa A said

hey we need to hang out more.

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