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July 31, 2006

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I like writing, readng, music, being stupid, and long walks on the beach.


J-pop, Rock, jazz


The Lion king, Fat Albert, Adam Sandler movies, anime movies, Cowboy Bebop,



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maybe I should do stuff today

I decided to go to phusebox today when I whent to the library. I haven't written anything since forever since I don't have the internet ...(the sound of no one careing). Anywho, I want to appologize to a certain someone who I got attitudie...attitudinous...(wtf?), an attitude with on the phone? That doesn't make since... Anyway you know who you are and so anyone else reading this really doesn't matter. I just wanted it to be known that even if Im stupid sometimes and an ass during moments, that I don't mean it and that your a very important person to me... even if I don't show it? Since no one other than mega pedophiles and people with no direct involvement to my life that are just extremely bored are going to read this, Im going to stop typing and go back to listening to J-pop and watching downloaded episodes of anime. Peace

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poem time

Destinys calling
but Im in a dream
I tell myself I have to get up
,but Im lost in the lazy blue
I cant feel my heart
once a thunderous drum
now a souless beat
This dream has me
its grasp unrelenting
I can't help but feel Im sinking
"Help me"...
The urgency of my plea, non existant
Do I really want to wake up?
Or is this my oasis?
"Help me"...
Who would come to such a lazy plea?
Ive lost the way back to the reality of their world
Now Im stuck in the twilight of a life filled with eon's
My only hope is the yin,the norm, the right
My only hope is your reality

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I the optimist

Most would consider love a hopeless endeavor.
I the optimist say "never and forever"
Others say love is false promise
I the optimist say "never and forever"
Some say love is a dead art
I the optimist say "never and forever"
All ask me the optimist how my answer will never sway
I the optimist had this to say
Love is always the same
"Never" what man can see
,But "Forever" waiting in the eyes of an optimist like me.

Im writing this for all you optimistic lovers. Keep dream'n them blue dreams. Peace.

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Requiem of the heart

Do Re Me,the notes of his song whent A happy tune without heart felt intent The boy sung for fear of losing the tune The notes of which were as the moon For he could no longer see the sphere This boy had lost all he fellt dear The love he felt never intended Torn from his heart,to which would never be mended Do Re Me, the notes he will use To silence the requeim,his hearts true muse
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Chuck Norris can hit you so hard that he can actually alter your DNA. Decades from now your descendants will occasionally clutch their heads and yell "What The Fuck was That?"
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